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August 2018


Episode 31
Bayfield County with Josh
Show Date: August 4th & 5th, 2018
Location: Bayfield County & Chequamegon Bay, Ashland, Wisconsin
Guide: Josh Teigen [715-813-0575  | joshteigen.com ]

We’re on Josh Teigen’s home water, and he knows all the best spots. There are so many lakes to choose from in this area, and this week we are out on the Pike Lake Chain.  With all these lakes connected together, there are a bunch of species to choose from.  We are targeting largemouth bass in deep water along weed edges. Fishing in 15-20 feet, we are using something that will get down to that depth, but also needs to be as light as possible so our plastics have the best action.  

The inland fishing is slower than normal because of a mayfly hatch that was going on while we were there.  When this is going on, all the fish are just stuffed with the millions of mayflies that are in the water. To finish out our trip, we head out on the the bay, and find smallmouth, walleye, and pike.  

Episode 32
Family Fishing Vacation
Show Date: August 11th & 12th, 2018
Location: Vilas County, WIsconsin

It’s always fun to get together with family and friends in the Wisconsin northwoods to relax and fish.  This year the weather was great, and just about every species of fish was biting.  We got to target bass and walleye for the kids, and crappies for the grandkids.  

I absolutely love getting up north to be with the family, and of course get on the lake to fish!