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Episode 42
Annual Photographer Outing
Show Date: October 18th & 19th, 2014
Location: Vilas County, Wisconsin

It’s employee appreciation week at John Gillespie's Waters & Woods, and since I’m the only employee, John is taking me fishing.  We head to beautiful Vilas County, which has an astounding 1,318 lakes.  Almost 16% of the county is covered in water!  All of those lakes are opportunities to check out something new, and of course, catch fish.  

We are presented with some pretty windy conditions, so we can’t fish every area that we want, yet still find bass and walleye milling around in the same areas.  We are fishing weeds, and exclusively using the Kalin’s Wack-O on a darter-head jig.  Popping plastics through the weeds will get you the “thump” of a strike, which for someone like me who doesn’t fish all the time, is awesome.  

I had a blast! Thanks to the greatest boss in the world for taking me fishing!

-Ryan “The Photographer