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Episode 35
Upper Peninsula Adventure
Show Date: August 30th & 31st, 2014
Location: Menominee River; Niagara, Michigan

We’ve got a couple of days to venture north to show our friend Matt Bichanich of Hard & Soft Fishing, makers of Uncle Josh Pork, Kalin’s, & Acme; the Menominee River.  The Menominee is a beautiful stretch of river that winds in and out of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Wisconsin.  The turns in the river are great for bass fishing, which is what we’re here to show our resident bass expert, whom have never been here.  Fishing the shorelines, working our Wack-O Worms & Pork under low-hanging trees, and around submerged logs.  

On our second day, we gamble on a new lake to see if we can find some walleyes.  Fishing weeds and rocks, and testing out a new Kalin’s jerk-shad, our gamble works, and the competition heats up to see who can boat the most legal walleyes before the end of the day.