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Episode 11
Newton Lake in the Snow
Show Date: March 14th & 15th, 2015
Location: Newton Lake, Newton, Illinois
Guide: Matt Bichanich – Uncle Josh Pork Baits – unclejosh.com
Accommodations: The Outdoor Sportsmans Lodge [618-752-5075 | outdoorsportsmanslodge.com]

Do you have an itch to work an open water lure for bass when most of the lakes are frozen where you live? To scratch that itch, you should take a trip to Newton Lake, near Newton Illinois.  We did just that for this weeks show with Matt Bichanich of Uncle Josh Pork Baits.  We arrived just a day after the area got over 10 inches of snow, so all of the beautiful shorelines that this lake offers were coated in a fresh layer.  

Matt is using a swim-bait with a pork trailer, and is pitching it into the fallen trees.  These bass are hiding really close to the submerged branches, waiting to ambush baitfish that are in the area - usually shad.  Newton Lake is well known for giant large mouth bass, and we do catch a few 5 pound class fish; but we do have to work for them because of the sunny weather during our visit.  The best fishing is yet to come, and an overcast day will be the best.