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Episode 39
Dodging Storms on Lake Geneva
Show Date: September 24th & 25th, 2016
Location: Geneva Lake; Lake Geneva, WI
Guide: Matt Bichanich – [Hard & Soft Fishing – unclejosh.com]

Lake Geneva's namesake lake is a busy place, and it may be difficult, or possibly impossible to fish in the summer months.  That’s why we love to come here in the fall, because excellent fishing can still be had, and many of the pleasure boaters have already had their fun during the really hot months.  

This week our resident “Bass Man” Matt Bichanich is showing us a unique way to lure bass out of the heavy weed cover that they hiding in this time of year.  It’s a very specialized jigging technique that has him just ticking the top of the weeds, without getting caught up in them.  He shows us that once you get it, you catch, and it’s a blast.