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Episode 31
Casting & Trolling the Bay
Show Date: July 30th & 31st, 2016
Location: Oconto, WI - Bay of Green Bay, Wisconsin
Guide: Brett Jolly [715-581-5678 | captainjollycharters.com]

Charter captain Brett Jolly has been having very successful trips for walleye on the Bay of Green Bay, so he invited us along to catch some fish.  Ryan the photographer invited his Dad as well, so we’ve got our “designated reeler” for when we troll.

We start out the day jigging on a rock reef, and are catching a lot of eating size fish. Brett is a staunch conservationist, so no walleye over 22 inches is kept if you’re in his boat.  So if you want to eat fish, you’ll find these fun fighting 15-18 inch fish great table fare.  

Trolling is where the trophy walleyes are, and Brett has had some slobs in the boat. We’re using a crawler harness in a slow trolling pattern over mud.  Once these fish see the boat, they really put up a fight, which is exciting when the take off right after you see them.