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Episode 9
Waukesha County Panfishing
Show Date: February 25th &26th, 2017
Location: Waukesha County, Wisconsin

There are a lot of great places to fish near the Milwaukee area, and this week we’re on one of those lakes in the neighboring county to the west, Waukesha County.  We are out with a group of ice fishing buddies that we’ve fished with for many years.  Matt Bichanich from Hard & Soft fishing is our guide, and Kurt Kellogg joins us as well to set Beaver Dam Tip-Ups for pike and walleye.  

We are fishing a crystal clear water lake, and the day we were fishing it was very foggy out.  Matt tells us that the low light conditions may help because the water is so clear.  We’re using small Clam tungsten jigs, as well as small Kastmasters to get the bluegill to bite, as well as setting Beaver Dams for pike and walleye.