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-- 2018 Season --

Episode 11
Chasing Trout on Lake Michigan
Show Date: March 17th & 18thg, 2018
Location: Lake Michigan, Oak Creek, Wisconsin
Guide: Captain Caleb Zorn [Wacky Walleye Guide Service - 920-743-5731 | wackywalleye.com]

March is a great month to get out on Lake Michigan. All of the ports from Chicago, all the way up to Door County can hold fish.  These shoreline bites hold brown trout, steelhead, and possibly lake trout.  The water on most of the lake is still pretty cold, so finding warm water discharges can be key to finding fish.  The day before we fished was very windy, and muddied up the water pretty bad, so the water discharges will have warmer as well as cleaner water.  We end up fishing the Oak Creek power plant.  The power plant is expelling warmer, cleaner water that's used to cool it’s generators.  

What seems to be working best is spawn sacks, they’re small bunches of fish eggs tied together with netting.  The trout hit the eggs out of instinct, because they only want their eggs to survive, so if they find eggs that aren’t theirs, they eat them.  We also catch a few on crankbaits, the hit you get on a crank is amazing!



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