Episode 1

2006 The Year in Review

Show Date: December 30th & 31st, 2006

Episode 2

Winnebago System Walleyes on Ice

Show Date: January 6th &7th, 2007

Location: Winnebago System, Oshkosh, WI

Guide: Pro Ice Guide Larry Smith [920-361-4996 | walleyeguide.com]

John joins Pro Ice Guide Larry Smith once again on the ice. This week grants them great weather and a bounty of walleyes, with a few others thrown in the mix. It is hard to find some decent ice so far in this mild winter. We always encourage our fellow fisherman to consult professional guides before venturing out. Enjoy the show.

Episode 3

Sunny Vilas County

Show Date: January 13th and 14th, 2007

Location: St. Germain, Vilas County, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Rob Manthei [715-477-2042 | robmanthei.com]

The ice fishing really heats up this week as John joins pro ice guide Rob Manthei, in St. Germain, WI in Vilas County. It's sunny and barely freezing, as the fish start to attack the tip-ups. These ideal conditions bring in Walleye and Pike, Bluegills also make an appearance. Enjoy the show.

Episode 4

North Dakota Jumbo Perch

Show Date: January 20th and 21st, 2007

Location: Devils Lake, North Dakota

Guide: Pro Ice Guide: [Jason Feldner - 701-351-1294 | percheyes.com]

John joins pro ice guide Jason Feldner of Perch Eyes Guide Service ( percheyes.com ), on the massive Devils Lake in northern North Dakota. The morning brings so many tipups that our crew is so busy it's nearly chaos. Massive perch, and huge quantities of pike and walleyes, it's unreal. Enjoy the show.

Episode 5

Monster Milwaukee Browns

Show Date: January 27th and 28th, 2007

Location: The Milwaukee Harbor, Downtown Milwaukee, WI

Guide: Charter Captain Eric Haataja [414-546-4627 | www.wibigfish.com]

Since some of the best brown trout fishing is pretty much in Johns backyard, why leave home. John joins charter captain Eric Haataja in the Milwaukee harbor for and exciting, albeit cold, fishing day. Fishing doesn't even seem like a challenge while they seem to pull a brown in on every cast, if only they could keep their equipment from freezing. Enjoy the show.

Episode 6

North Dakota Part II – Northerns

Show Date: February 3rd & 4th, 2007

Location: Devils Lake, North Dakota

Guide: Pro Ice Guide: Jason Feldner [701-351-1294| percheyes.com]

Seriously, could John really stay home after a taste of the pike fishing in North Dakota. John is once again with Jason Feldner of Perch Eyes Guide Service, and this time they are focusing on the great northern pike. With there spread of tip-ups, they are using dead bait and laying it just a foot off of the bottom of the flat that is devils lake.

Episode 7

Out-Foxed Walleyes

Show Date: February 10th, 11th 2007

Location: Fox River, Green Bay, WI

Guide: Pro Ice Guide: Larry Smith [920-361-4996 | walleyeguide.com]

The winter finally arrives in Wisconsin. What to do? Go ice fishing of course. John joins pro ice guide Larry Smith in his shanty town of Frabill shacks on the Fox River in Green Bay. It's a great day of walleye fishing.

Episode 8

Shacked up on Superior

Show Date: February 17th & 18th, 2007

Location: Lake Superior, Near The Apostle Islands

Guide: Ice Guide: Jim Hudson [715-779-5833 | fishchequamegonbay.com]

So when it's -5° outside and -27° with the wind chill, what do you do? You stay inside - your frabill shack of course, and jig for trout. This week John joins ice guide Jim Hudson on Lake Superior near the Apostle Islands. With the blowing wind and frigid temperatures, it's a treat to see our anglers connect with some quality fish.

Episode 9

The Harbors of Lake Michigan

Show Date: February 24th & 25th, 2007

Guide: Pro Guide Eric Haataja [414-546-4627 | wibigfish.com]

It's hard to believe that world class trout fishing can be found so close to home. Eric Haataja has consistently showed us that we can have a great fishing experience without traveling far from home. In this episode, John is catching some very nice trout in one of the many harbors of Lake Michigan. The whole crew are catching these monster trout for a good cause, the Kettle Moraine YMCA.

Episode 10

Lake Erie Ice

Show Date: March 3rd & 4th, 2007

Location: Lake Erie

Guides: Charter Captain Eddie LaBounty and Airboat Operator Joe Garverick

On a rare occasion John gets to ice fish on Lake Erie. Getting on to the massive lake is just as fun as the Walleye fishing. Using the safest method possible, we head out on an air boat, build right in Ohio for use on ice. John Joins Charter Captain Eddie LaBounty to catch some infamous "2003" Walleyes. Enjoy

Episode 11

Ice Breakin’ River Walleyes

Show Date: March 10th and 11th, 2007

Location: Wisconsin River, Wisconsin Dells

Guide: Pro Guide Big Dave Ehardt [414-803-7160]

It’s a frigid day in the middle of March, frigid like you’re headed out to ice fish. So how bad does Big Dave want to open water fish on the Wisconsin River? Bad enough to break ice for 2 weeks and keep the water open. John is once again joined by Pro Guide Big Dave Ehardt to fish the Wisconsin River for walleyes. Dodging and sometimes running over icebergs just to get to a fishing spot, that is dedication.

Episode 12

Poundin' the Walleyes on Petenwell

Show Date: March 17th and 18th, 2007

Location: Petenwell Flowage, Adams County, WI

Guide: Pro Ice Guide Larry Smith [920-361-4996 | walleyeguide.com]

On the ice again with Pro Ice guide Larry Smith. This time John is joined by contest winners that won contests through Yamaha ATVs and Snowmobiles and Johnsonville Brats. Everybody is catching walleyes on this show, there is no shortage of fish.

Episode 13

If You Cast, They Will Bite

Show Date: March 24th and 25th, 2007

Location: Fox River, Green Bay, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Eric Haataja [414-546-4627 | wibigfish.com]

If your fishing, and your catching 2, 3, or 4 pound walleyes as a norm your probably in a secret location....Not if your Eric Haataja. Eric guides John and Ted on the Fox River right in downtown Green Bay. The bite is so hot any method that our anglers try, catches fish. Fishing all day until dark there count is 100+ fish. Enjoy the show.

Episode 14

Larry’s Spring Melt

Show Date: March 31st & April 1st, 2007

Location: Wisconsin River, Nekoosa, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Larry Smith [920-361-4996 | walleyeguide.com]

It’s a brisk day in March and the snow is melting. John takes to the open water with Larry Smith on the Wisconsin River. Larry targets walleyes dragging jigs across the bottom of the river. The fish are very lethargic so Larry stresses slow, slow movements on the jig rod. Larry wakes up these lazy fish, and gets on top of some quality fish, that any angler can appreciate

Episode 15

Saskatchewan Ice Fishing Adventure

Show Date: April 7th and 8th, 2007

Location: Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

Guide: Ice Guide Kurt Stein [(306) 862-2620 | www.bigstrike.ca ]

Join the John and the gang for a surreal ice fishing experience. John ventures north with his crew, Pete Maina and Rob Manthei. Heading to Lake Tobin in Saskatchewan, Canada, It takes nearly an entire day just to drive there. But it is worth it, catching monster trophy Northerns. Guided by Kurt Stein over three days and three unique locations on Lake Tobin, this truly is a trip of a lifetime. Rob catches the biggest Northern of his life, and Pete shows us a new way to ice fish.


Episode 16

Big Dave to the Rescue

Show Date: April 14th and 15th 2007

Location: Wisconsin River, Wisconsin Dells

Guide: Pro Guide Big Dave Ehardt [414-803-7160]

When nobody else is catching fish John can always count on Big Dave, he is always catching fish. On and all-day trip on the Wisconsin River in the Dells, they catch Walleyes to Saugers and everything in between. When the temp drop 20 degrees in an hour, do they go in for Johnsonville's? Nope! Anchoring by a dam at night they catch some impressive trophies.

Episode 17

Massive Pre-Historic size Walleyes!

“Yes folks they really are walleyes”

Show Date: April 21st & 22nd, 2007

Location: Green Bay, WI; Bay of Green Bay

Guide: Pro Guide Dale Stroschein [920-743-5731 | sandbaybeachresort.com]

You are not going to believe your eyes when you see these slob fish. Not Muskies, not Northern Pike, but Walleyes, HUGE walleyes. Pro Guide Dale Scroschein takes us across the bay of Green Bay from the Sand Bay Beach Resort, to troll for massive once-in-a-lifetime style walleye fishing. These fish will sure wet your appetite…to fish. Dale and John release all of these trophies to swim another day.

Episode 18

Experimental Lake Experiment

“Walleyes season not here yet? No problem”

Show Date: April 28th & 29th, 2007

Location: Escanaba Lake; Vilas County, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Rob Manthei [715-477-2042 | robmanthei.com]

Escanaba lake, located in the Northern Highlands of Vilas County, Wisconsin. Surrounded by lush forest, and beautiful wildlife, this experimental lake has no season, no bag, limit on any species, except walleye. On this weeks show, pro guide and Vilas county resident, Rob Manthei, takes us to this beautiful lake to target walleyes in one of the few places in the state you can before the walleye season officially opens. Join John and Rob this for this unique fishing experience.

Episode 19

Lake Erie Guarantee

Show Date: May 5th and 6th 2007

Location: Lake Erie, Toledo, Ohio

Guide: Captain Paul Pacholski 1-800-798-1218 [deacsretreat.com]

With 35 Million Walleyes in the western basin alone you know your going to catch fish. Guiding John along with his colleagues Tisma and Nikole(Bass Pro Shops); Jim and Kevin(Yamaha Motor Corporation) is Captain Paul of Deacs Retreat. If you love to eat walleye Lake Erie is the place to go, with a completely sustainable resource of walleye, its okay to keep your limit when you fish here. In this show you will see what fishing this great body of water can provide. Enjoy the show.

Episode 20

Bait Crushers Inc.

“Holy Cow Dave! Is that a big pike??!”

Show Date: May 12th & 13th, 2007

Location: Lake Wisconsin, Lodi, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Dave Ehardt [414-803-7160]

Lake Wisconsin has 9500 acres and has 57 miles of shoreline, with all that water to fish, why would you ever need to go upstream? Well if the Bass are schooled like piranhas, and completely crushing your bait, you might reconsider. Case in point. We join pro guide Big Dave Ehardt as he takes John upstream of the Lake Wisconsin Flowage. It seems as though the fish are catching the bait, rather than the other way around. These hungry bass, most of which are small-mouths, make for an exciting fishing experience, and not to mention a great TV show. Dave tells us that the fishing can be good the entire stretch between the lake and Wisconsin Dells, but anglers beware; this river can be treacherous in spots because of shallow water and large rocks. Hire a guide, hire Big Dave.

Episode 21

Spring Vilas County Adventure

“What a Difference a Day Makes”

Show Date: May 19th & 20th, 2007

Locating: Vilas County, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Rob Manthei [715-477-2042 | robmanthei.com]

John joins Rob Manthei once again in Villas County, WI. In this 2 day fishing adventure, they explore 2 very different, and very exciting ways to fish. On the first day, its 87 degrees and sunny, they wade along the edge of the Wisconsin River on state owned land to catch huge Small Mouth Bass. The low water levels make it easy to get anywhere they need to go. The second day, it’s 44 degrees and cloudy, they take to the lakes to explore slip bobber techniques in the weeds to catch walleyes.

Episode 22

Post Spawn Bass

“This is the time Folks”

Show Date: May 26th & 27th, 2007

Location: Walworth County, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Eric Haataja [414-546-4627 | wibigfish.com]

It’s late May and it’s most defiantly prime time for Bass in Southern Wisconsin. John joins Eric Haataja and his client Al, for post spawn Bass in Walworth County, Wisconsin. Fishing weed flats for Large and Small-Mouth Bass that are ‘cruising’ right above the weeds. It’s easily safe to say that the three anglers caught upwards of 40 to 50 fish, and all in 5 hours!

Episode 23

Door County Bass

“It’s this good until October!?”

Show Date: June 2nd & 3rd, 2007

Location: Sturgeon Bay, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Dale Stroschein [920-743-5731 | sandbaybeachresort.com]

This week John joins pro guide Dale Stroschein and his buddy Paul on the waters of Sturgeon Bay for some tremendous Small Mouth fishing. Just a short drive from Dale’s beach resort, they fish the shallow bays that dot he Door County peninsula. Dale take us to rocky shorelines, in 3 to 10 feet of water casting spinner baits They catch some jumbos in this show, and this exciting fishing lasts all the way until October.

Episode 24

Beautiful Bay Walleyes

“A hot calm day in June, and were pulling trophy walleyes!”

Show Date: June 9th & 10th, 2007

Location: Bay of Green Bay off of Dyckesville, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Dale Stroschein [920-743-5731 | sandbaybeachresort.com]

John joins pro guide Dale Stroschein once again in the bay of Green Bay for Walleye. This time they are on the Wisconsin side, trolling crawler harnesses, the walleye can’t resist. Through the course of the day they catch over 25 Walleyes that are 15”-27!”. Trolling in 8-16ft. of water in the southern part of the bay, this makes for and exciting day of fishing, Dale makes this fishing, which is good all summer, look easy.

Episode 25

Rockin’ Muskies ‘07

“Pete!! Pete!! Pete!!”

Show Date: June 16th & 17th, 2007

Location: Cass Lake, MN

Guide: Pete Maina of The Next Bite Esox Angler Magazine [petemaina.com | thenextbite.com]

It’s the first muskie show of the season, and Pete has the crew casting on open water. John joins Pete Maina of The Next Bite Esox Angler Magazine, and Pete’s rocin’ roll buddy Brian Schram of the Brian Schram Band. Listening to some tunes and casting relentlessly on open water produces some interesting results. They are fishing in sunny conditions in 60 – 80 feet of water. The crew tries all sorts of spinners, crank-baits, surface baits and many others.

Episode 26

Larry’s Summer Blend

“Man do these fish fight!”

Show Date: June 23rd & 24th, 2007

Location: Lake Winnebago; Oshkosh, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Larry Smith [920-361-4996 | walleyeguide.com]

Pro Guide Larry Smith Take a full crew out to the waters of the Winnebago Chain out of Oshkosh Wisconsin. John joins Larry on a guide trip on mixed-bag of weather day, with highs in the 90’s then rain and 35mph wind, this truly tests our four anglers. Casting most of the day and catching Catfish and Walleye there is some great acton. Even though the weather does keep the crew out of some locations, you’d never know it. They poud fish all day. Staying under bridges and jigging Zip’s may even catch a few.

Episode 27

Bass 101

“It’s kind of hard to stop fishing, its so mush fun?”

Show Date: June 30th & July 1st, 2007

Locations: St. Germain, WI; Little Cedar Lake, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Rob Manthei [715-477-2042 | robmanthei.com]

The Bass are home from school and class is in session. Rob Manthei guides John near St. Germain, WI to sight fish Small and Large Mouth Bass. It is a picturesque northern Wisconsin day and Rob takes us along the shoreline to jig for Bass right in their cribs. The fishing was so fun, John takes his two daughters Blake and Taylor on a lake near home to teach them the ways of the bass angler. This time they are looking for the fish in the weeds.

Episode 28

Eric’s Combo Platter

Show Date: July 7th & 8th 2007

Location: Walworth County, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Eric Haataja [414-546-4627 | wibigfish.com]

It’s a hot 90 degree day out on the water and Eric is showing us where all the fish are at. Rigging different kinds of live bait from minnows to crawlers, and slowly drifting along deep weed lines. Eric is showing us a plenty of different methods. Mixing the different methods and different live bait brings in all kinds of Pike, Walleye, Bass, and even Bluegill. It just goes to show that you can stay close to home wherever you live and still catch fish.

Episode 29

Erie Walleyes in July

Show Date: July 14th and 15th 2007

Location: Lake Erie, Toledo, Ohio

Guide: Captain Paul Pacholski [1-800-798-1218 | deacsretreat.com]

It’s a beautiful July day and John is on Lake Erie with his crew from Johnsonville Brats; Tom, Todd, and Steve. John is once again guided by Captain Paul Pacholski of Deac’s Retreat Charters. Heading out to the Western Basin Paul has the crew throwing a modified crawler harness, that is set up for casting. Working as a team all the anglers are trying different techniques to try and find a pattern to catch fish. Swapping out blade colors and retrieving at different depths, the team make good with the Erie Walleye.

Episode 30

John’s Family Adventure

Show Date: July 21st and 22nd, 2007

Location: Vilas County, Wisconsin

Well it’s time for John to take a break and head up to the north woods with his family on vacation, what else would John do but fish! We follow John along as he fishes in one of his favorite areas – Vilas County, Wisconsin. Drifting along with a simple crawler and split-shot hunting for smallies with the boys, marking spots for when the girls come out. Catching Bass and Pan fish, this show illustrates how easy and fun fishing can be.

Episode 31

Massive Pre-Historic Size Bass!

Show Date: July 28th and 29th, 2007

Location: Door County, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Dale Stroschein [920-743-5731 | wackywalleye.com]

Lightning strikes twice when Dale Stroschein enters the picture. John is guided by Dale to catch some unbelievably massive bass, did somebody say Slob-o-Saurus. “Bone-Fishing” bass in the shallows of Door County Wisconsin, Dale and John catch huge bass after huge bass. The technique couldn’t be any easier, casting out plastics with a gold hook and a split-shot. Don’t miss this show, it’s a good one.

Episode 32

Eric’s Deep Water Bite

Show Date: August 4th and 5th, 2007

Location: Walworth County, Southeast Wisconsin

Guide: Pro Guide Eric Haataja [414-546-4627 | wibigfish.com]

Eric Haataja takes us to deep water to fish weed lines. Eric has John on a multi-species extravaganza, pulling everything! Catching everything from bluegill, to bass to walleye to pike, this show is both exciting and unbelievable. Your not going to believe that all of these fish are coming in the same spots, many at the same time.

Episode 33

Muskie Extravaganza Part 1

“This is just ridiculous”

Show Date: August 11th and 12th, 2007

Location: St. Lawrence Seaway, Quebec, Canada

Guide: Pro Guide Marc Thorpe [450-433-4784 | marcthorpeguiding.com]

This is the must-see show of the year. This is the most phenomenal muskie fishing our anglers have ever seen. John and Pete are once again hosted by pro guide Marc Thorpe on the waters of the St. Lawrence. Catching muskie after muskie, they cannot believe the size and numbers of fish they are boating. This trip had them catching so many fish that John had to put it into two shows, which has only happened twice in the shows history. Enjoy this show its really, really good, and when its over, the adventure is only half-way done.

Episode 34

Muskie Extravaganza Part 2

“There’s another fish on man!”

Show Date: August 18th and 19th, 2007

Location: St. Lawrence Seaway, Quebec, Canada

Guide: Pro Guide Marc Thorpe [450-433-4784 | marcthorpeguiding.com]

It’s the conclusion of the great muskie extravaganza 2007. For only the third time in the shows 17 year history we have a two-part episode. Once again Marc Thorpe guides the crew, John and Pete, on the waters of the St. Lawrence. Catching muskie after muskie, they cannot believe the size and numbers of fish they are boating. This excellent non-stop fishing is pure enjoyment to watch for any angler.

Episode 35

Mixed Bag on the River

Show Date: August 25th and 26th, 2007

Location: Wisconsin River, Wisconsin Dells

Guide: Pro Guide Big Dave Ehardt [414-803-7160]

Dave does it again, showcasing the excellent fishing that is to be had on the Wisconsin River. Catching number of fish and having a great time doing it Dave show us a variety of techniques to catch a variety of fish. Crappies, Bass, and Walleyes are the main event of this show, and no shortage of any.

Episode 36

Beautiful Eagle Lake

Show Date: September 1st and 2nd, 2007

Location: Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada

Guides: Danny Herbeck [1-807-227-2610 | andymyerslodge.com]; Rob Manthei, [715-477-2042 | robmanthei.com]

John ventures north to Canada, to Andy Myers Lodge on beautiful Eagle Lake in Ontario. Guided by the lodges own Danny Herbeck, and also by Rob Manthei, there is a lot of good advice to be had. In this show they go deep. First for walleye they set up some Lindy-Rigs to pull walleyes out of 37 feet of water, all well back trolling to stay in place. Then they head down a creek to another lake to pull lake trout, using a dead hooked minnow and vertical jigging in 72 feet. The problem with jigging in this deep of water is you never know when the fish is going to hit. This fishing day is just a small example of a bounty of options that were available at Andy Myers Lodge.

Episode 37

Winnebago Mixed Bag

Show Date: September 8th and 9th, 2007

Location, Lake Winnebago, Oshkosh, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Larry Smith [920-361-4996 | walleyeguide.com]

Larry does it again, catching everything anywhere. Out on Lake Winnebago with 2 Smiths, Larry and his son, and Jim from Yamaha, John has all the anglers he’ll need. They catch every species you can imagine as well, walleye, perch, and catfish to name a few. They discuss the booming perch population and what they expect in the next few years. This show really shows the diversity of what Lake Winnebago can offer.

Episode 38

Down-and-Up on Erie

Show Date: September 15th and 16th, 2007

Location: Lake Erie, Huron, OH

Guide: Captain Paul Pacholski 1-800-798-1218 [deacsretreat.com]

It’s perch fishing time on Lake Erie, and the title says it all. The crew literally drops their bait down and as soon as it hits the bottom, the fish hit it. Using crawlers and a modified crappie rig, Captain Paul anchors the boat right where we need to be. This type of fishing is something the whole family can enjoy, it’s really a lot of fun and the action keeps coming and coming. Once the crew has their limit they do a little walleye fishing.

Episode 39

Eagle Lake Figure Eight

Show Date: September 22nd and 23rd, 2007

Location: Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada

Guides: Steve Herbeck [1-807-227-2610], Rob Manthei [715-477-2042]

Welcome to the wonderful world of Muskie angling, and in a way that is usually a rarity. John is back up in Ontario, Canada on Eagle Lake enjoying some of the best Muskie water on the continent. The waters of Eagle Lake are notorious for boat-side hits. Something that doesn’t happen all that often, getting a strike on a figure eight, seems to be the standard here. Staying at Andy Myers Lodge and getting a chance to fish with a few of the many guides that are available to tackle this massive body of water. Casting all day for three days yields some great results.

Episode 40

Muskies in the Fog

Show Date: September 29th and 30th, 2007

Location: Leech Lake, Longville, MN

Guides: [Pete Maina | thenextbite.com – petemaina.com] [Pro Guide Eric Haataja - 414-546-4627 | wibigfish.com]

It’s fall once again and Pete Maina guides John on the massive body of water that is Leech Lake in Minnesota. Casting all different types of structure Pete has all the points covered. He also show us how the persistence of a muskie angler can pay off big time. Eric Haataja also joins us for a segment, showing that you don’t need to go too far away from home to enjoy some great fall fishing.

Episode 41

Just for Sport

Show Date: October 6th and 7th, 2007

Location: Milwaukee Harbor, Milwaukee, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Eric Haataja [414-546-4627 | wibigfish.com]

Eric really does make this look easy. John and his friend from Yamaha Motor sports, Kevin Theisen, are guided by Eric Haataja in the Milwaukee harbor. Casting for Chinook salmon, this is some of the most exciting and fast fresh water fishing in the world. Eric puts them right on the spot, and they cast until their arms are tired.

Episode 42

Dale's Big Bass Adventure

Show Date: October 13th, & 14th, 2007

Location: Sturgeon Bay, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Dale Stroschein [ 920-743-5731 | wackywalleye.com]

Dale does it again, and he always seems to make it look easy. John joins Pro guide Dale Stroschein on his honey hole in Sturgeon Bay catching one after another, of amazing bass. All the fish that make it to TV are 4 pounds +, and they weigh a few just to prove it. Hooking a Gulp Crawler good 'ol "Wacky" style and tossing is overboard seems to be all they need to do, oh and repeat of course.

Episode 43

Eric’s Up North Vacation

Show Date: October 20th & 21st, 2007

Location: Lake Superior, Michigan

Guide: Pro Guide Eric Haataja [414-546-4627 | wibigfish.com]

Eric Haataja has been fishing Lake Superior for over 30 years. He shares his knowledge of the area as we join him on vacation with his buddy Steve in this beautiful area. The first day of fishing is disastrous, an all day rain with consistent 25mph winds, the guys stick it out though. The second day is a perfect day for fishing, and truly reflects what Eric is saying when he calls the area “my Canada”. Using plastics and blade bates to cast for walleyes, and dragging suckers for trophy pike, our anglers seem to have it all covered.

Episode 44

Fall in Vilas County

Show Date: October 27th & 28th, 2007

Location: Vilas County, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Rob Manthei [715-477-2042 - robmanthei.com ]

Rob takes us to his home turf to fish for walleyes and muskies. On a rain soaked first day they pick off a few walleyes. The next day is a beautiful fall day, and the fish are biting. First, casting for walleyes in the morning, then casting and dragging suckers for muskie in the evening.

Episode 45

Fall Crappie-Fest

Show Date: November 4th & 5th , 2007

Location: Wisconsin River, Wisconsin Dells

Guide: Pro Guide Big Dave Ehardt – 414-803-7160

It’s November and Big Dave is nowhere near thinking about putting his boat away for the year. In this show Dave takes to the river to key in on the fall crappie bite, and bite they do! Using small jigs, with a Gulp tail attached, today the crappies seem to like the green one. Near the end of the day they fish for some bonus walleyes.

Episode 46

Larry’s Wolf River Blitz

Show Date; November 11th & 12th, 2007

Location: Wolf River, Fremont, WI

Guide: Pro Ice Guide Larry Smith [920-361-4996 | walleyeguide.com]

River fishing is always great in the state of Wisconsin. Male Walleyes and white bass actually run up the state rivers in October and November.

This week John met Guide Larry Smith in Fremont, WI to fish for walleyes on the Wolf River.

The Winnebago system is loaded with eyes right now after superb hatches in 2003, 2004, and 2005. This is not trophy angling, however the fish do average between 14 and 18 inches and the Winnebago system is well known for the fine eating quality of it's eyes.

The best system for fall walleyes is vertical jigging. Look for the deep holes and gravel flats and concentrate on those areas. Don't spend too much time in a specific area; instead keep moving until you locate the fish. The walleyes and the white bass will use the same areas so you can catch both species in the same spot!

The top baits we used this week were ZIP lures and jigs. The ZIP actually out fished live bait the day we fished the Wolf. Larry prefers shiners over fathead minnows and some days only the shiners will provide the only action. In 7 hours of fishing we actually boated close to 100 fish (combination of walleye & white bass).

The white bass and walleye fishing should remain very good on the Wolf River until the ice locks it up. Mid day from 10:00 am till 3:00 pm will provide the best action.

Episode 47

Eric’s Red Hot Bite

Show Date: November 17th & 18th, 2007

Location: Fox River - Depere, WI

Guide: Charter Captain Eric Haataja [414-546-4627 | www.wibigfish.com]

River fishing continues to be red hot in Wisconsin. This week we headed up to Depere to fish the Fox River that runs through Green Bay and empties into the Bay. Really nice Walleyes, Catfish, and Muskies move into the river when the water temperatures fall into the 40's. They are after the shad that invade the rivers in fall.

The dam in DePere is one of the best spots however the entire river has excellent structure to try. We mainly used jigs and minnows and worked the breaklines in about 6-8 feet of water. We caught walleye after walleye ranging from 20 to 26 inches. The eating quality of the Fox River fish is marginal at best, however the sport of catching these fish on spinning tackle is wonderful. You can also cast crank baits in the shallows and do quite well too.

Other areas to look for walleyes include the many warm water outakes. These areas attract the shad and the eyes are sure to be there. You can crank bait all day long, however the evening hours are best including after dark.

We also went up river in search of catfish and bass. We fished the bridge embankments and caught fish at will too. Zip lures are great for vertical jiggin these areas.

The good fishing will last until ice up, then you can actually fish certain areas of the Fox through the ice. Give this is a try if you want to see your rod bend all day long..

Episode 48

Petenwell Scouting Trip

Show Date: November 24th & 25th, 2007

Location: Petenwell Flowage, Adams County, WI

Guide: Pro Ice Guide Larry Smith [920-361-4996 | walleyeguide.com]

On this weeks show I joined guide Larry Smith on the Petenwell Flowage in Adams County. We had two goals, number one to film a show catching walleyes and crappies, number two we wanted to scout ice fishing spots using the GPS.

This is a great idea for guys who love to ice fish. We do this each fall on the bigger lakes we want to fish during the winter. What Larry did was take us to various rock bars, underwater points, stump fields and the river channel that runs through Petenwell. If we marked fish or caught fish we entered information in the GPS. Larry will then transfer the information to the GPS he uses on his ATV and we will be able to pinpoint the same spots while ice fishing. This technology has really helped us catch more fish in recent winters. Now is the best tiime to scout your lake with your GPS so you can find those humps, weed beds, etc.

Now to the fishing. Unfortunately the wind started to howl 45 minutes after we got on the lake. We were able to find some spots for ice fishing but we were not able to hold the boat in the 35 mph wind. We were forced to head up the river north of the flowage. There were not alot of walleyes in the river however we were able to catch 30 or 40 fish, mostly small. We used ZIP lures, jigs, and a simple hook and minnow. We ended up boating 7 legals in the wind and 28 degree temperatures. That stretch of the Wisconsin river can be outstanding in the fall, however we need some rain to increase the current which will in turn cause 100's of lake walleyes to run up the river.

All in all a tough day on the water. In November you have to deal with cold and wind. Sometimes the rewards are great, sometimes you have a tough day. It was successful though because we were able to locate some excellent ice fishing spots that we will be hitting in the next several weeks.

Episode 49

Monster Fall Saugers

Show Date: December 1st & 2nd, 2007

Location; Lake Wisconsin, Lodi, WI

Guide: Pro Guide Big Dave Ehardt – [414-803-7160]

This week we headed up to Lake Wisconsin near Lodi to fish for giant saugers with Big Dave Ehardt. The lake is known to have the biggest saugers in the midwest and they bite the best in Late November.

We concentrated our efforts near the railroad bridge at Merrimac. We used zip lures and jigs tipped with fatheads. We fished in about 20-30 feet of water keeping the boat vertical. Our boat only caught 4 saugers in the morning, the biggest went 21 inches. But if you watch the show catching just one of these beauties is worth the day. We also landed a 25 pound muskie under the bridge.

Lake Wisconsin is known for it's trophy saugers but it also has an excellent population of walleyes, smallmouth, and crappies. It maybe too late to get out and try this fishing because we had to break skim ice to get out on the lake.

In the afternoon we headed up river and the fishing there was fast and furious. Using the same techniques we caught over 30 saugers and walleyes however they were much smaller on average than the lake fish. One good thing about the Wisconsin river is it stays open almost all winter and Big Dave is out there guiding almost every day. The river in the winter always produces plenty of fish and all you have to do is find the deep holes and vertical jig.

Hey folks, next week we'll be on ice somewhere.

Episode 50

Hayward Ice

Show Date: December 8th & 9th, 2007

Location: Hayward WI

Guide: Pete Maina [thenextbite.com | petemaina.com]

This week was our first ice fishing outing of the year. I joined Pete Maina and a group of friends in the Hayward area to do some walleye and northern fishing. We found pretty good ice conditions on the smaller lakes. 4 to 5 inches were common and we were able to run our atvs without any issues. I should mention that ice conditions in Northern Wisconsin in general are the good. However there is 8-10 inches of snow on the ice which does make travel a little difficult. Be careful on the bigger lakes.

As far as the fishing is concerned we did pretty well. We concentrated our efforts in and around the weed beds. Tip ups were the way to go. I jigged for awhile and never saw a fish on the locator. Early ice will usually find the walleyes and the northerns cruising the weed lines. We ended up catching a few nice eyes, those came later in the day, just before dark. The northerns bit on and off all day. The biggest tip I can give you for this time of year is weeds, weeds, weeds. On most of our lakes in Wisconsin and Minnesota this is where most game fish feed. 4 to 5 inch suckers produced most of the fish, although we did bring a variety of bait. I was surprised the bigger suckers caught the walleyes.

By the way snowmobile conditions should be great for the rest of month.

Episode 51

Small Lakes, Big Fish

Show Date: December 22nd and 23rd, 2007

Location: MN

Guide: Matt Bichanich – Uncle Josh Bait Company [unclejosh.com]

Popping hole in the little lakes produced some big fish on this ice angling adventure.

Heading north to Ely, MN, we set out to a small lake in the area. Our guide Matt Bichanich tells us that a lot of the smaller lakes in the area don’t get any fishing pressure in the open water season because there is no boat access. Which explains why we take a 2 mile trip through the wilderness on our Yamaha’s just to get to the lake. Oh and the temperature by the way: 17 below zero, but no wind so it actually wasn’t that bad.

Once we get out there we find there is a good 6 inches of ice. The ice is covered with over a foot of snow, which makes for some slushy conditions. This is typical of what happens when you get lots of snow right after the freeze. The snow insulates the ice, so its much harder to get a good formation of ice. Some times when this happens the ice isn’t safe to venture out on to. Always make sure you are positive of the ice conditions before you head out.

The fishing came in flurries. The first day fishing for northerns, we hung live sucker minnows right off the bottom in 10-12 feet of water. We caught most of our fish around 11:00 am. We were also catching some panfish to fill our day.

The second day was all about the ZIP lure catching monster crappies. Trying to follow the fish we drilled lots of hole and kept moving all day. Which allowed us to consistently catch 8-10inch crappies.

Episode 52

Petenwell Ice

Show Date: December 29th & 30th, 2007

Location: Petenwell Flowage, Adams County, WI

Guide: Pro Ice Guide Larry Smith [920-361-4996 | walleyeguide.com]

It’s back to the ‘ol stopping ground with pro guide Larry Smith.

This week we were on the Petenwell flowage with Larry and his two sons. Using his GPS spots that he marked earlier in the year when he was fishing open water, Larry is able to take us all right to the spots where the fish are at. Setting up tip-ups that surround our Frabill camp, we catch the eater eyes that we are targeting. We also catch a nice catfish.

Jigging get the us even more excited when we land some nice white bass, and ever nicer walleyes.

We also get a look at Frabill’s all new shack, a completely different technology than was used in previous versions.