April 2017

Episode 14
River Steelhead Wading
Show Date: April 1st & 2nd, 2017
Location: Lake Michigan Tributaries, Southeastern Wisconsin
Guide: Habitual Guide Service [(920) 604-4169 | http://habitualguide.com]

This week we are very excited to be on the river with Habitual Guide Service.  These guys specialize in river wading guiding for trout, steelhead, and salmon. Tyler and Tim have 30 years combined experience fishing, and a special knowledge of the Lake Michigan tributaries.  They can take anglers of any experience level, and tailor the guide trip to you, which is very nice for someone that doesn’t do a lot of river wading.  

Our target is steelhead that are swimming up stream to spawn, but we catch brown trout too, who are there to eat steelhead eggs.  Our bait is eggs (spawn sacs), attached to a bobber, and casted out into the current, and floated downstream.  Once you get one on, it is an absolute mad-rush!  This fish fight like crazy, and coupled with the rushing current, it makes for a fight like no other.

We have a great time, and look forward to more trips with these great anglers!

Episode 15
Spring Ice Fishing in Canada
Show Date: April 8th & 9th, 2017
Location: Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada
Guide: Danny Herbeck [807-216-8866]

The ice season is coming to a close, and every year we get a group together and head north for one last ice fishing outing.  This is our 16th year of doing this trip, and one of the main reasons that we keep doing this trip is that the fishing is usually incredible this time of year.  Another bonus is the ease of travel, as well as the weather.   We have a chance at many species during our trip, including crappie, walleye, northern pike, and trout. Having all of these options really makes the trip fun, with so much to look forward to.  We get to jig for crappie, walleye, and trout, and at some the spots, we set Beaver Dam’s for pike too.  

Episode 16
Out on the Bay for Spring Walleyes
Show Date: April 15th & 16th, 2017
Location: Bay of Green Bay, Oconto, WI
Guide: Brett Jolly [715-581-5678 | captainjollycharters.com]

This week we’re excited to get back in the boat with charter caption Brett Jolly to target walleyes on the bay of Green Bay.  This is prime time for the pre spawn wallets before they head up stream to spawn.  The fun about this bite is that it’s all hands-on jigging using plastics.   This is a trophy walleye bite this time of year, and casting for slob walleyes doesn’t get much better than this.

Episode 17
Arizona Bass Fishing
Location: Saguaro Lake; Near Mesa, Arizona
Guide: The Arizona Fishing Guides [ 480-772-8460 | thearizonafishingguides.com]

We’re back in Arizona again this year for Johns vacation, and we are trying to boat a trophy bass in one of Arizona’s fertile bass fisheries, Saguaro Lake.  This lake is one of the top 100 bass fishing lakes in the country, and the state record is just under 17 pounds!  This lake is just northeast of Mesa, and is part of a 4 lake chain, and is located inside of the Tonto National forest.  

We’ve got our Arizona guide, Ron Johnson showing us the way, as well as Andy Wundrock from Baitmate Fish Attractants & Bill Morgan from Johnsonville Brats. Ron is  a professional bass angler touring in the Bassmaster Opens, he’s also a Fishing Guide for many lakes in the greater Phoenix area.   

Southern bass are well known to grow gigantic, and it’s not unreasonable to expect someone in your group to boat a personal best.  We’re using our all-time favorite bass bait, the Kalin’s Wack-O worm, while our guide is using a jig.  Ron tells us that unlike the northern bass that spawn in during a specific time of year, these bass spawn across a lot longer period of time, so we can catch bass in all three phases of the spawn.  This makes it great for lure selection, because you can use just about anything you like to use. 

Episode 18
Spring Walleye Fishing on Lake Erie
Show Date: April 29th & 30th, 2017
Location: Lake Erie, Ohio
Guide: Captain Mike Patterson [419-308-6925 | mikessportfishing.com ]

Lake Erie is a walleye factory, and is an absolute must for any angler that wants to catch a lot of fish, and bring a lot of meat home. Captain Mike Patterson is our guide, Mike has been fishing Erie for many years.  Mike has been our go-to guide for ice fishing, and now that Captain Paul has semi-retired, Mike is taking us out to find fish.  We are using a plain hair jig, because these fishing aren’t feeding, they are attacking anything that comes near, so having a stinger hook on is a must as well.  

We've got a nasty wind our fist day, and we don't have high hopes of catching many fish, but it turns out great!  We get a limit, even though the wind is at it’s worst direction, and the water clarity isn’t ideal.  On day 2 we’ve got a perfect wind, and our drifts and comfort level are much better, and we get another limit!

As we always state on the show, there is no possession limit, so you can keep limits for all the days you fish.  There is a “fish quota” on the lake, and if the sport anglers don’t meet it, the remainder is granted to the commercial fisherman, so the fish are kept either way.  We’d much rather the fish be caught hook and line - it’s much more fun!

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