August 2017

Episode 32
Door County Fishing
Show Date: August 5th & 6th, 2017
Location: Sand Bay Beach Resort - Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
Guide: Pro Guide Dale Stroschein [ 920-743-5731 |]

This week we are in beautiful Door County Wisconsin to fish with Dale Stroschein & one of his elite guides Mark.  We target and catch walleyes with Dale and Mark, then on day 2 we take Ryan the photographer out for a day of bass fishing.

Jigging for walleyes on day one, which a super flat, calm, sunny day, can be a tough situation for any angler; but Dale has the right technique and cadence to be the guy thats catching most of the fish.

On day two we’ve got what we’d call a perfect weather fishing day.  Sunny, and just enough of a breeze to make a perfect drift over weeds and rock to target smallmouth bass.  

Episode 33
Lake Winnebago Walleyes and White Bass
Show Date: August 13th & 13th, 2017
Location: Lake Winnebago; Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Guide: Captain Matt Merten [920-410-2206]

This week we are excited to finally get back to Lake Winnebago and catch walleyes.  Anybody who has fished Lake Winnebago recently has known that the bite has slowed down compared to recent years, but you wouldn’t know it from our trip.  Captain Matt Merten is on fish, and says the last month has been very good.  Matt has been fishing Winnebago for his whole life, and professionally since around 2000, and knows a vast amount of ways to catch fish.  

On our trip we are trolling.  We did both trolling mud flats with boards, as well as flat line trolling over reefs.  Using a variety of crank baits is the way to go, especially until you get a pattern of what color is working best - Matt is big on color, so on any given day certain colors can catch many more. 

Episode 34
Pewaukee Lake Bass
Show Date: August 19th & 20th, 2017
Location: Pewaukee Lake; Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Guide: Pro Bass Angler & Guide Matt Bichanich [414-331-1681]

This week we are staying in our home town area, and fishing Pewaukee Lake with pro guide and bass expert Matt Bichanich.  We have some great guests with us as well, who won this trip by bidding on an auction benefitting St. Jerome Church in Oconomowoc Wisconsin.  Our winners Eric and Matt are locals, and are excited to learn about lakes in their area.  Our guide Matty B is working weeds, and it can be tricky, especially when they are thick.  Pewaukee Lake has a lot of bass, and you can catch some beautiful trophies.  

Episode 35
Eagle Lake Has it All
Show Date: August 26th & 27th. 2017
Location: Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada - Near Vermilion Bay, Ontario
Guide/Accommodations: Andy Myers Lodge [888-727-5865 -]

We’ve been coming up to Andy Myers Lodge to fish Eagle Lake for many years, and for a good reason, the fishing is really good.  What adds to the great fishing, is the great variety of species that can be targeted.  Eagle Lake has 425 islands, and is over 68,000 acres - thats a lot of structure and area for fish.

On this trip we target walleye and muskie, which shows the diversity of the lake, because we do it all in one day.  Danny Herbeck starts us out with walleyes, and we are catching beautiful fish, and there is good action all morning.  Pete Mania is along as well, and he can’t wait to get to the muskie fishing, and with the steady action on walleyes, we get to spend the whole afternoon and evening targeting muskie.  

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