Episode 31

Wind Shift Day on the Bay

Show Date: August 3rd & 4th, 2019

Location: Bay of Green Bay, Oconto, Wisconsin

Guide: Brett Jolly [715-581-5678 |]

If you want to catch walleyes this time of year, the Bay of Green Bay is a great place to go whether you want eaters or trophies.  Our guide, Captain Brett Jolly, called us there last-minute because of a good wind forecast. He says that if the wind is blowing, it pushes baitfish up onto the rock bars, and that’s where the walleyes are.  We prefer to jig, and as long as there is wind, we will catch them jigging.  

What is nice about the Bay this time of year is the versatility.  If you want to concentrate on getting a personal best size, there are spots for that.  If you want to fill a cooler, and have a nice fish fry, there are spots for that. Both of those spots can be jigged or trolled, depending on what the weather gives you the day you’re out.  Nothing is guaranteed, but this time of year on the Bay is very close.  

Brett has his son, Nash, along with us; we always love to see kids get into the sport of fishing, and Nash is certainly into it big time!

We have all sorts of weather while we’re out, including a full 180º wind switch, with rain and storms.  With all that, we still manage a full and fantastic day of fishing.

Episode 32

The 2019 Gillespie Family Vacation

Show Date: August 10th & 11th, 2019

Location: Vilas County, Wisconsin

The family has been growing year after year, which makes 2019 the largest group ever to enjoy the Wisconsin north woods.  As it’s always been, we’re not out to break any records, just get out on the water with family and have a great time! We catch a variety of fish, despite the cold-front; with walleye, bass and bluegill being most prevalent.

Episode 33

Deep Water Lake Trout 

Show Date: August 17th & 18th, 2019

Location: Apostle Islands, Lake Superior

Guide: Josh Teigen [715-813-0575  | ]

This week we’re venturing into unknown territory.  Captain Josh Teigen is taking us all the way out to the Apostle Islands, out of Bayfield Wisconsin.  This trek is over 10 miles from where we launch, and when we arrive, we find ourselves alone. It’s a beautiful serene place, and with the weather we have the day we fish, it’s a great place to set up and fish.  There are a lot of people that troll these waters for lake trout, but few jig for them. You can possibly catch more trolling, but there is no way it’s more exciting than jigging! 

We are bouncing the bottom with heavy jigs or Kastmasters, 1oz was the size we used.  Using a very aggressive jigging motion, and letting your lure flutter back down is what attracts the fish.  We caught almost all of our fish on the flutter down. 

Episode 34

Summer Delavan Bass

Show Date: August 24th & 25th, 2019

Location: Delavan Lake, Wisconsin

This week we welcome some very special guests into our Recon, Kevin and Julie.  They won this trip through a fundraiser for Christian Young Life, so whether or not we catch anything, we’re fishing for a good cause.  Kevin and Julie own Ted’s Ice Cream & Restaurant in Wauwatosa, and like most small business owners, they rarely get time off. We are glad to get them in the boat for the day, and we’re doing our best to make it count by taking them to Delavan Lake.  Delavan is well known for being a trophy bass fishery; which is incredible given its proximity to Milwaukee, and the amount of pressure it gets from both fishermen and leisure boats. 

We are fishing deep weeds, Matt tells us there are three key areas that he focuses on.  Just into the weeds, using a WAC-O Worm & weedless jig, along the edges with a Jerk Minnow, or out a little where there are sporadic weeds.

Episode 35

Mississippi River Bluegills

Show Date: August 31st & September 1st, 2019

Location: Mississippi River, Red Wing, Minnesota 

Guide: Jeremiah Luhmann [651-380-7278 |]

We’re exploring a part of the state of Wisconsin that we don’t get too very often, and it’s a shame, because there is a lot going on here.  We’re fishing with pro guide Jeremiah Luhmann, on the Mississippi River, between Red Wing & Wabasha MN. Jeremiah guides this area, and knows it well, he says he’s constantly moving, and finding fish.  This was very evident as we were fishing with him, looking for walleyes to start wasn’t going to plan during our first half of a day, so on day two we explored the backwaters looking for panfish. Once we found a school along a nondescript shoreline, it was game over, at times we all had one on at at the same time.  The fish bit right up until a storm that came over the area, and not too long afterwards as well.