August 2011

Episode 32
Family Vacation 2011
Show Date: August 6th & 7th, 2011
Show Location: Vilas County, Wisconsin

Heading out to the lake is always a good time, but being able to enjoy the sport you love with your family creates memories that can last a lifetime.  This week we our out with the Gillespie clan for another exciting family vacation trip.  

Fishing multiple lakes in Vilas County, Wisconsin yields fantastic results.  We find walleye and bass on both types of structure that we fish.  We target walleye on mid-lake rock bars, using a jig with either a nightcrawler or leech.  Keeping a tight line and slowly dragging the bait just off of the bottom as we drift over the spot is the key.  We stick with live bait as well when targeting the bass.  We are also drifting, but near the shorelines looking for weeds. 


Episode 33
Casting the Bay
Show Date: August 13th &14th, 2011
Location: Bay of Green Bay, Wisconsin
Guide:  Pro Ice Guide Larry Smith [920-361-4996 |]

Larry Smith loves to put his clients on fish, and big fish at that.  This weeks show we are with Larry and some clients that have been fishing with him for over a decade, Jerry and Shirley.  We are fishing the lower bay of Green Bay, jigging for walleye using Gulp.

Rain greets us as we start our drift over rocks, casting out and hopping our jig across the highest parts of the humps.  The rain doesn’t seem to deter the bite, however is does mix up the variety of species that bite.  In with the walleye, we are catching catfish and pike.  This simple presentation makes for a wonderful fishing day filled with excitement.


Episode 34
Muskie Fishing
Show Date: August 20th & 21st, 2011
Location: Hayward, Wisconsin & Longville Minnesota
Guide: Pete Maina [ |]

As a throwback to the good 'ol times, we head north for a muskie show in the Hayward area with Pete Maina. We then head over to Longville Minnesota,  where our friend Rusty Lilyquist has been having a banner year on the massive body of water that is Leech Lake. We have a great few days of angling with our buddies, and talk a bit about the early days.

The small lakes around the Hayward area have produced some wonderful memories over the 20 + years that we have been on the air. As with any muskie trip, trying a variety of baits to zero in on what the fish want is the key to landing one of these coveted beasts. Pete has been fishing this area since he was a teenager, so there is no shortage of spots for us to try, and we have a great time re-discovering the waters that our show took it's first steps on.

The second part of our trip, we head out with another old friend of ours, Rusty Lillyquist. Rusty knows this 112,000 acre lake very well, and in-turn we again have a bounty of spots to explore.  We get to chat with Rusty about the Minnesota DNR's efforts on Leech Lake, and the positive impact that those efforts have yielded.


Episode 35
Pure Fishing
Show Date: August 27th & 28th, 2011
Location: Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
Guide: Pro Guide Dale Stroschein [ 920-743-5731 |]

Dale Stroschein loves to fish, and can get about as excited as John if you’ve seen any of his past shows.  This weeks we are showcasing the versatility of the waters surrounding the Door County peninsula; shooting for Small Mouth Bass the first day, and Walleye the second.  We also welcome a special guest into our boat, Hunter Cole of Pure Fishing.  Hunter is looking to up his personal best for both species, and Door County is the place that can make it happen.  

 Day one brings some of the fastest bass fishing that we’ve seen. We are getting some milage out of our Gulp Sinking Minnow and Jerk Shad, using a very slow presentation when the water is calm.  When the wind picks up, we tie on a spinner bait, and reel as fast as we can.  At the end of the day we had over 50 bass boated!

The second day of our trip excites us with both walleye and pike. The 5 inch Gulp Alive Jerk Shad makes an appearance again, this time on a darter-head jig, using a rip-jigging technique.  Bouncing the bottom with your jig, lights up these fish with the ka-boom that we love about this fishery.

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