February 2010

Episode 6
Sheboygan Harbor Trout
Show Date: February 5th & 6th, 2010
Location: Sheboygan Harbor, Sheboygan Wisconsin
Guide: Kurt Weinand Jr. [715-853-6779 | natural-impulse.com]

We are a short drive from Milwaukee, in the Sheboygan harbor on Lake Michigan.  We are after some world class Brown Trout and Steelhead.  We are with a great group of people and have a slew of jig rods rigged as tip-ups.  The trout that we catch put up a great fight that can last upwards of ten minutes.  While we do have a lot of tip-ups set, we are also jigging using small jigs and Gulp minnows. 


Episode 7
The Larry & Rob Show
Show Date: February 13th &14th, 2010
Location: Lake Du Bay; Stevens Point, WI & St. Germain; Vilas County, WI
Guides: Guide:  Pro Ice Guide Larry Smith [920-361-4996 | walleyeguide.com] &
Pro Ice Guide Rob Manthei [715-477-2042 | robmanthei.com]    

This weeks show takes us to two wonderful and different fisheries in Wisconsin.  First we set up with Larry Smith on Lake DuBay to target panfish.  The second half of the show takes us to Vilas Co. where Rob Manthei shows us the hot night bite for walleye that he has been on.

Lake DuBay is a 6700 acre lake fed by the Wisconsin River, and we are here to catch some of the nice crappies that this body of water is known for.  It is a beautiful sunny day with no wind to speak of, a perfect ice angling day.  We are jigging just off the bottom using Northland’s “Bro Bug” with a wax worm or GULP wax worms.

The weather changes two days later as we join Rob Manthei in Vilas county.  The wind and snow don’t stop us from heading out to target walleyes using tip-ups and jig rods.  We have a great time with this afternoon bite, and fish well into the night.


Episode 8
St. Germain Ice
Show Date: February 20th & 21st, 2010
Location: St. Germain Area; Vilas Co. Wisconsin
Guide: Pro Guide Rob Manthei [715-477-2042 | robmanthei.com]

This week we are up in the St. Germain are in Vilas County exploring the north woods of Wisconsin.  We are on a small "pot-hole" lake setting tip-ups for pike.  We are setting golden shiners 6 feet from the bottom.  We are using 50 lb fluorocarbon leader, because of the clear water of the lake we are fishing.

To pass the time between flags, we are jigging for pan fish.  We using small jigs called "Mud Bugs" from Northland tackle.  We are tipping the hooks with GULP Alive Waxies.  The pan fish are at the bottom right along with the pike, so we are jigging right off the bottom.

We catch excellent sized pike and panfish and we have a great time fishing the entire day. 

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