February 2015

Episode 6
Kids Fishing Trip
Show Date: February 7th & 8th, 2015
Location: Waukesha County, Wisconsin

It’s always a pleasure to get the next generation of anglers on the water, or ice in this instance, to show them the outside world and wonderful sport of fishing.  We work hard to show you whats happening in our sport each week we go out and see where the fish are biting.  This week we get to show you the fish, and young anglers that love to land them.

Planting that seen into our children minds, as we see with the young Jake (his first time on the ice), and seeing their reactions for the first time - is a blast.  With Joey, now a freshman in high school, we’ve witnessed the fruits of that seed.  Joey first appeared on our show when he was just 4, he was always energetic, and never seemed to get cold (he was always taking his gloves off).  Now his passion for the sport shines bright in him, and his friends that join us on the ice to chase the flags that are popping up seemingly every minute.

We are set up on a small lake for pike and bass, setting Beaver Dam’s along weeds and just off the bottom.  Our guide Matt Bichanich tells us that action is the key to any kids outing, not the size of the catch.  Our day on the ice with this great group is a perfect example, as we ice a bounty of fish.

Episode 7
Iced Over Brown Trout
Show Date: February 14th & 15th, 2015
Location: Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, WI
Guide: Charter Captain Brian Settele [414-559-9238 | fishchaserguideservice.com]

It’s cold outside, which means we’re usually on frozen water ice fishing.  This week we take a break from ice fishing to open water fish Lake Michigan with Charter Captain Brian Settele and special guest Jordan Gustmas from M-W Marine.  Brian tells us the colder the water is, the better the fishing is on the lake.  The best place to set up is near any place where warm water enters the lake, the baitfish congregate there, so thats where the big fish are.  We are jigging using plastics, spoons, and Kastmasters.  These fish hit hard, and fight harder.  


Episode 9
Ultra-Mega Slob-O Devils Lake Perch
February 28th & March 1st, 2015
Location: Devils Lake; Minnewaukan, ND
Guide: Dave Tice - McQuoid Outdoors [701-351-6058 | mcquoidguides.com]

This is the perch show to end all perch shows!  We were excited to get back to Devils Lake, and hit the ice with McQuoid Outdoors to hunt down the massive perch that swim the waters of this ever expanding lake.  We've got a great crew of friends that join us for this great fishing experience, that's mostly jigging, but we've set up a few tip-ups for pike too.   We are all comfortably jigging inside warm shacks, which is certainly needed with the highs in the single digits, and the lows in the minus double-digits.