March 2012

 Episode 8
Multi-Muti Species
Show Date: February 25th & 26th, 2012
Location: Vilas County, Wisconsin
Pro Guide Rob Manthei [715-477-2042 |]

They wonderful thing about fishing with Rob Manthei, is the multitude of different lakes that are within reach for a single day of angling.  With many lakes comes many different species, which usually depends on the time of year.  This time is an exception, with more species caught than we can count on one had.  

We start out jigging for panfish, using jigs and plastic, catching crappie and bluegill.  We are fishing in weeds that are about 3 feet tall, we’re hovering our jigs just above the weeds to lure these fish out of their hiding spots.  

Later on we keep with the jigging, but target  Smallmouth Bas.  We are using jigging rapalas or Northlands Puppet Minnow, and the bass can’t say no.  We also set some tip-ups in the same area we’re jigging.  

This action-packed show is so all over the place with the species list growing by the minute, you’ll just have to watch to take it all in.

Episode 9
Superior Fishin’
Show Date March 3rd & 4th, 2012
Location: Superior, Wisconsin
Guide: Pete Brzezinski [715-574-1813 |]

We’re up bright and early for a walleye bite on the St. Louis River with our guide Pete Brzezinski.  There is a very narrow bite window just at the sun is rising, so its crucial that our holes are drilled an we’re jigging while its still dark out.  We are using a jigging spoon with a minnow head, Pete tells us that baits that cut the current are crucial to marking & catching fish.  

Mid-day is reserved for panfish jigging, and this is where the bite really heats up.  Everybody is catching fish, and some are tremendous trophies. We catch some of the nicest crappies and bluegill that we’ve ever seen on the show.  We are using a small jig with any type of Berkley Gulp wax worms or minnow heads.


Episode 10
Spring Walleyes in De Pere
Show Date: March 10th & 11th, 20th, 2012
Location: Fox River - De Pere, WI
Guide: Charter Captain Brian Settele [414-559-9238 |]

As the ice fishing season slowly fades away, we still have chilly days, but we find ourselves on open water.  This weeks show we are on the Fox River in De Pere Wisconsin, trying to avoid the wind, and find the walleyes.  Our guide, Brian Settele, fished the day before we were here and had a great bite going on, lets hope it continues today.

The walleye leave the bay, and travel down the river to spawn.  Most of the walleyes we catch on our visit are non-resident fish.  This time of year, the regulations only allow one fish over 28”, to protect the population.  We also recommend letting any female fish go, no matter the size.  

We have two different flurries, early on they are hitting on live bait, using Brian’s custom-made jigs, which have a small spinner blade attached.  Later on the Gulp strikes, with John boating a fish on three consecutive casts.  The key however is a very slow presentation and keeping your line tight.  With these cold water conditions the fish are usually a bit lethargic, so keeping constant contact with your jig will land you a lot more fish. 

Episode 11
Newton Bass With Friends
Show Date: March 17th & 18th, 2012
Guides: [Matt Bichanich – Pro Bass Fisherman, Uncle Josh Pork Baits –]
[Tab Walker, Guide – 618-752-5075 - ]

It's that time of year again, our annual trip to Newton Lake for some exciting bass fishing. Once again our host Tab Walker puts us up in his beautiful first-class cabins, which are conveniently located just minutes from the power plant lake we'll call home for two days. We've also brought some special guests with us; Pete Maina, whom we're trying to turn into a bass fisherman, and the man who sings "Hey John Gillespie" Brian Schram. Not to be forgotten though is our guide and bass expert Matt Bichanich. Matt goes crazy for the LMB's, and this trip is no exception. He told us he had a tough time getting asleep the few days leading up to our trip.

The mild weather follows us south, as the two days we fished saw temps in the mid-60's. Although winter made an appearance, dropping 4 inches of snow on the area the night before our first day.  As the snow melts from the trees surrounding the lake, the bass start snapping.  Newton Lake is well known for good fishing no matter what the weather is. We've usually had our best trips when the weather is at its worst.

The first day, Matt has us casting right up to the shoreline, flipping jigs or the wacky-worm.  These bass will stay tight to the shore on calm days. The second day, we are using crank-baits and spinnerbaits to cast off the shore, where the bass tend to be when the wind picks up.

Episode 12
Very Last Ice
Show Date: March 31st, 2012
Location: Leech Lake, Minnesota
Guide: Rusty Lilyquist []

For more info, and Lodging: Long Birch Lodge [ | 800-722-0027]
It’s the last ice of the season, and its happening rather early.  We are excited to join Rusty Lilyquist, and a bunch of friends for our last hurrah for the 2011-12 ice fishing season.  We are targeting the jumbo perch that are in these waters, just about to spawn.  We have talked all year about the unusually tepid conditions we’ve been fishing in, and whether or not a ‘real’ winter would emerge.  Well, it looks as though spring is coming early, or maybe we’ll just skip right to summer.  Our number one concern in a situation like this, is safety.  So we followed all of the usual protocols:
• Never go out alone - if something unexpected happens, you’ll want a buddy (or buddies) to be there to help
• Bring safety gear - we traveled with a rope tied to a floatation device (to throw to someone whose fallen through), ice picks, and an inflatable live vest
• Go with someone that knows the area, and has  - usually a guide

We are based near Milwaukee, and took a quick trip down to the beach, and found that it looked like a summer scene from August, which we were witnessing in March.  With people throwing the frisbee, playing soccer, and just being outside; it was surreal.  Not content on being warm on sand, we ventured north to get in our last bit of ice fishing before the frozen water is no more.

With temps in the upper 60’s, there was a thick fog covering the lake when we arrived.  Luckily our Humminbird is equipped with GPS and a LakeMaster chip; so we easily found our spot and started fishing.  We’re on a mission to find perch, big perch, and our guide doesn’t disappoint.  These fish are very aggressive this time of year, so they usually hit on the drop, we can also use just about any bait we want.  We are using a variety of panfish jigs with plastic, minnows or wax worms - these fish want it all.

Episode 13
DePere Guide Trip
Show Date: March 31st & April 1st, 2012
Location: Fox River, DePere, WI
Guide:  Pro Ice Guide Larry Smith [920-361-4996 |]

Larry Smith is a fishing wonder, so it isn’t strange for him to multi-task.  This week he is doing a guide trip, and a TV show with us!  His guide customers have been on a few shoots with us, so they have become our fishin’ buddies.  Henry and Dean are their names, but they will probably pick up a nickname or two during our trip down the Fox River in Oshkosh Wisconsin.  

We are floating down the river in one of Larry’s many hot-spots, vertical jigging for walleyes.   Larry says that the current isn’t flowing at full speed, so the walleye will be in smaller pods, but the average size will be larger.  We are using a jig and minnow, but the key is to keep bottom contact.  As you float down river, you need to adjust to the contours on the bottom, constantly keeping your jig pounding the bottom. 

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