November 2014

Episode 45
Fall Hayward Muskies
Show Date: November 1st & 2nd, 2014
Location: Hayward, Wisconsin; Sawyer County
Guide: Pete Maina []

We’ve been fishing muskies in late October for 23 years.  Pete Maina has been our guide, and he’s always got lakes & spots to try in the Hayward area.  We are joined by special guest Jeremy Meyer from Amsoil The main presentation suckers, and we throw baits as well.  Pete says at least half of the hits will come on the suckers, and the baits will sometimes bring the fish in to the suckers.  We are using a quick-strike rig, which is now required by law for the safety of the fish.  

We are working deep breaklines and weeds.  Pete says that fishing a variety of spots is most effective, since the fish aren’t in just one area.


Episode 45
Night Walleyes in Green Bay
Show Date: November 8th & 9th, 2014
Location: Green Bay, WI
Guide: Brett Jolly [715-581-5678 |]

This week we head to Green Bay to join Captain Brett Jolly for an after sunset fishing trip.  We are looking for walleyes, and the best place to start is by any warm or rushing water outlet.  The main lures that work for us is plastics like Kalin’s Grub or Sizmic Grub; or crank baits.  Using crank baits, there is a crucial tip, stop your retrieve for 5-10 seconds.  When you stop your bait, the walleyes have time to track it down in the dark; it also looks like an injured baitfish, which a walleye will think is an easy meal.  We also try for muskies during the daytime of our two day trip, but the wind is too high, and out of the absolute worst direction for Brett to present his lures effectively.  So, we get to add a second night of walleye fishing onto our trip. It’s a blast to reel in these monsters, as well as not know exactly what size fish you’ve got on until it’s just about in the net


Episode 46
Whacking White Bass on Petenwell
Show Date: November 15th &16th, 2014
Location: Petenwell Flowage, Adams
Guide: Pro Guide Larry Smith [920-361-4996 |]

There is a reason why Larry Smith brings his clients to the Petenwell flowage, it’s loaded with fish!  This weeks show is a perfect example, as we land on huge schools of white bass, with a few walleyes mixed in.  We are joined by customers of Larrys, Harry and Cameron.  We are using a mix of presentations from live bait to plastics.  Larry moves around a lot to locate fish, so different spots can demand different presentations.  This is where having different lures in the water at the same time can help quickly identify what is working in each spot.  We are using the Humminbird to cruse along the breaks of the old river channel, when we mark fish, we set up a drift. 

Episode 47
Snowstorm Bass
Location: Lake Superior, Chequamegon Bay; Bayfield, Wisconsin
Guide: Josh Teigen [715.813.0575  | ]

We traveled to Ashland Wisconsin to shoot a bass show, and found ourselves in one of the largest and earliest snow falls that we’ve ever seen. Josh Teigen is our captain as we head out on to Chequamegon Bay to hunt for bass.  Late fall smallmouth bass is an exciting time, because the cooler the water, the faster the bite.  We are using blade baits like the Vibrato, plastics like the Kalin’s Grub, and lures like the Kastmaster.  These bass will usually strike on the drop, so make sure to keep a tight line as you’re popping your bait up and down off of the bottom. 

Episode 48
Lake Michigan Brown Trout Madness
Show Date: November 29th & 30th, 2014
Location: Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, WI
Guide: Charter Captain Brian Settele [414-559-9238 |]

It’t getting cold out, which means charter captain Brian Settele is on the move to find Brown Trout in the areas where warm water enters Lake Michigan.  We are using Kastmasters in a vertical jigging as well as casting presentations.  These fish are ferocious, frequently jumping during the fight, which adds to the fun.  Our friend Josh Teigen also joined in on the fun, catching giant fish, one of which was a personal best. 

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