November 2017

Episode 45
Crazy Fall Muskie Bite on Eagle Lake
Show Date: November 4th & 5th, 2017
Location: Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada - Near Vermilion Bay, Ontario
Guide/Accommodations: Andy Myers Lodge [888-727-5865 -]

It’s time again for the fall muskie bite that we were so excited to do last year where we boated so many muskies using suckers, that we ran out of bait.  We are calling this our second annual fall sponsor outing.  Joining us on this years trip is Bill Morgan from Johnsonville Sausage, Kevin Theisen from Yamaha Motorsports, Magnus Gunnarsson from Mustad Hooks, Steve Geertsen from Clam Outdoors, & Dan Peterson from Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants. We are excited to get these guys on fish, and the muskies don’t disappoint.

This year the weather proved a bit problematic, they got around a foot of snow the day before we arrived. The big storm also knocked a lot of trees over, so getting to the lakes was quite the adventure.

Once we got on the water, it didn’t take long for the muskies to find our quick-strike sucker rigs. We had a lot of hook-sets, and had an absolutely crazy day on the water. 

Episode 46
Fall Multi-Species Bite in Canada
Show Date: November 11th & 12th, 2017
Location: Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada - Near Vermilion Bay, Ontario
Guide/Accommodations: Andy Myers Lodge [888-727-5865 -]

Winter has arrived in Ontario as we continue our fall sponsor outing, and turn our attention to bass & walleye.  The wind blew in overnight, coming at us form the north at over 20MPH, making the wind-chill in the low teens. Danny Herbeck tells us that this time of year is a great time to fish, because the bass & walleyes bunch up on the reefs, so you can just camp on them and have a great time.  The only problem you can run into is the weather, which we’re experiencing first hand.  Given the conditions, we do pretty well, catching some beautiful  walleye & bass.  

On day two, the wind calms down, and we decide to do muskie fishing with suckers.  Danny recommended sucker fishing because of the very low temps, there would be a lot of equipment problems with everything freezing quickly.

Episode 47
On the Mississippi with Dave Genz
Show Date: November 18th & 19th, 2017
Location: Mississippi River, Monticello, Minnesota

We are thrilled this week to be on the water with ice fishing legend Dave Genz, inventor of the original Fish Trap. Dave knows this stretch of the Mississippi River really well, and he says we will catch a lot of fish in 15 degrees.  We’re fishing downstream from a nuclear power plant, and the fish are schooled up in the warmer water.  All we need to do is anchor, and throw out minnows, or cast plastics, and we’re in business.  We weren't on the water for very long, but we caught so many fish, we really were pleasely surprised.  Huge thanks to Dave for taking us out, and we look forward to getting out on the ice this winter. 

Episode 48
Last Muskie Trip of the Year
November 25th & 26th, 2017
Guide: Dave Williamson [320-491-2898]
Accommodations: [Viking Bay Resort & Lodge - 218-943-2104 | ]

It’s our last Muskie trip of the year, and the later in the year you can get on open water, the bigger the fish get.  This time of year we’re not looking for numbers of fish, we’re looking for size.  Our guide Dave Williamson says that Lake Miltona might be the best muskie lake in Minnesota right now, and says our chances for a gigantic fish are good.  

The temps are dropping, and the wind is keeping Dave off his best spots, but he manages to work a few good spots to put us on fish.

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