September 2007

Episode 36
Beautiful Eagle Lake
Show Date: September 1st and 2nd, 2007
Location: Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada
Guides: Danny Herbeck [1-807-227-2610 |]; Rob Manthei, [715-477-2042 |]

John ventures north to Canada, to Andy Myers Lodge on beautiful Eagle Lake in Ontario. Guided by the lodges own Danny Herbeck, and also by Rob Manthei, there is a lot of good advice to be had. In this show they go deep. First for walleye they set up some Lindy-Rigs to pull walleyes out of 37 feet of water, all well back trolling to stay in place. Then they head down a creek to another lake to pull lake trout, using a dead hooked minnow and vertical jigging in 72 feet. The problem with jigging in this deep of water is you never know when the fish is going to hit. This fishing day is just a small example of a bounty of options that were available at Andy Myers Lodge.

Episode 37
Winnebago Mixed Bag
Show Date: September 8th and 9th, 2007
Location, Lake Winnebago, Oshkosh, WI
Guide: Pro Guide Larry Smith [920-361-4996 |]

Larry does it again, catching everything anywhere. Out on Lake Winnebago with 2 Smiths, Larry and his son, and Jim from Yamaha, John has all the anglers he’ll need. They catch every species you can imagine as well, walleye, perch, and catfish to name a few. They discuss the booming perch population and what they expect in the next few years. This show really shows the diversity of what Lake Winnebago can offer.

Episode 38
Down-and-Up on Erie
Show Date: September 15th and 16th, 2007
Location: Lake Erie, Huron, OH
Guide: Captain Paul Pacholski [1-800-798-1218 |]

It’s perch fishing time on Lake Erie, and the title says it all. The crew literally drops their bait down and as soon as it hits the bottom, the fish hit it. Using crawlers and a modified crappie rig, Captain Paul anchors the boat right where we need to be. This type of fishing is something the whole family can enjoy, it’s really a lot of fun and the action keeps coming and coming. Once the crew has their limit they do a little walleye fishing.

Episode 39
Eagle Lake Figure Eight
Show Date: September 22nd and 23rd, 2007
Location: Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada

Guides: Danny Herbeck [1-807-227-2610 |];Rob Manthei, [715-477-2042 |]

Welcome to the wonderful world of Muskie angling, and in a way that is usually a rarity. John is back up in Ontario, Canada on Eagle Lake enjoying some of the best Muskie water on the continent. The waters of Eagle Lake are notorious for boat-side hits. Something that doesn’t happen all that often, getting a strike on a figure eight, seems to be the standard here. Staying at Andy Myers Lodge and getting a chance to fish with a few of the many guides that are available to tackle this massive body of water. Casting all day for three days yields some great results.

Episode 40
Muskies in the Fog
Show Date: September 29th and 30th, 2007
Location: Leech Lake, Longville, MN
Guides: [Pete Maina - |] [Pro Guide Eric Haataja - 414-546-4627 |]

It’s fall once again and Pete Maina guides John on the massive body of water that is Leech Lake in Minnesota. Casting all different types of structure Pete has all the points covered. He also show us how the persistence of a muskie angler can pay off big time. Eric Haataja also joins us for a segment, showing that you don’t need to go too far away from home to enjoy some great fall fishing.

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