Why is John Gillespie’s Waters & Woods so popular?

John Gillespie’s energy and enthusiasm make the show both fun and exciting. The shows regional nature allows the audience the ability to fish the same locations where the show was produced.

Gillespie positions himself as the novice, asking the professionals all the questions his viewers want to ask. Resource preservation is an important focal point on each show as well as techniques, and the latest products that will help the viewer be more successful on their next outdoor excursion


Programs air within ten days of filming, providing a current news source on where the fishing is hot. The show’s currency promotes an urgency for viewers to get outside and repeat what they saw on the show. And, as always, rules and regulations are also main topics of discussion.

Illinois & Northern Indiana: 

on COMCAST SPORTSNET - Saturdays @ 9:00 AM & Mondays @ 11:00 AM


Minnesota, North Dakota, & South Dakota:
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on FOX SPORTS NET Wisconsin - Channel 31


Saturdays @ 9:00 AM

 Milwaukee Area:


on WVTV Channel 18 -Channel 18 & 1018

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Milwaukee & Green Bay:

 Time Warner Cable SportsChannel On channels 32, 332, and 1332



Monday @ 7am
Friday @ 7:30am
Sunday @ 7:30am
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All of Canada & Select US Homes


9:00PM Fridays 
Plus 5 replays per week