August 2014

Episode 31
Family Show 2014
Show Date: August 2nd & 3rd, 2014
Location, Lakes Around Boulder Junction; Vilas County, Wisconsin

We’re in the Boulder Junction area once again, to enjoy a great week of family time, and fishing! Each year for the last 15 or so years, we’ve been heading north as a family to enjoy some great Wisconsin north-woods fishing. We had a larger than normal crowd this year, because we welcomed some special guest to join us for a day of fishing (Hint: If you’re a Packers fan, you’ll want to tune in!).  

The wild winter that precedes us is still wreaking havoc on our summer fishing, the water temps are lower than normal, and the water levels are much higher than normal. On one of the lakes we fished, the water was up around 5 feet.

We used mostly live bait, specifically leeches, they were catching the most fish.  We were targeting walleye, but had a few surprise monster bass invade our walleye spots, which was a welcomed sight.


Episode 32
Milwaukee Summer Brown Trout
Show Date: August 9th & 10th, 2014
Location: Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, WI
Guide: Charter Captain Brian Settele [414-559-9238 |]

August, September, & October are 3 of the best months to get out onto Lake Michigan to do some fishing. We are out with Charter Captain Brian Settle, and special guest Eddie Butts - a Milwaukee musician that has been preforming throughout the midwest since 1974.  We are planning on staring out trolling, and marking spots where fish are caught to come back and try some casting & jigging.  We are targeting Chinook Salmon and Brown Trout. 


Episode 23
Birthday on Big Green Lake
Show Date: August 16th & 17th, 2014
Location: Big Green Lake, Ripon, Wisconsin
Guide: Pro Guide Larry Smith [920-361-4996 |]

It’s a very special day for us, and one of our guests.  For us, it’s the first time Larry Smiths daughter Lucy, is on the show; and it’s also her birthday.  Larry thinks that one of the best things for todays kids, is to get outside, and we completely agree.  

Big Green Lake is the deepest inland lake in Wisconsin.  At 236 feet deep, it’s a unique lake where you can target Trout, as well as Bass and walleye in the shallower areas.  We start out with trout, and have a blast moving along the shorelines casting for bass. We have a blast watching Lucy reel in huge fish, and the big smile we see on her face. 

Episode 24
St. Louis River Trolling
Show Date: August 23rd & 24th, 2014
Location: St. Louis River; Duluth, Minnesota
Guide: Josh Teigen [715-813-0575  | ]

The walleye bite is running late this year on the St. Louis River, which is good for us, because we love to catch walleyes. We also like getting to see our guide and friend charter captain John Teigen whenever we can.  We are joined by special guests Todd Defoe of Black Bear Casino, and Pete Maina as well.  We get a chance to sit down with Todd to discuss what the Fond du Lac Tribe is doing for the natural resources in the Duluth area.   

We are trolling to find these fish, with the water being extremely stained, we need loud crank baits running very close to the bottom.  The main this is to cover water, and we aren’t using boards, so it’s not a huge complication when a fish is on. 


Episode 35
Upper Peninsula Adventure
Show Date: August 30th & 31st, 2014
Location: Menominee River; Niagara, Michigan

We’ve got a couple of days to venture north to show our friend Matt Bichanich of Hard & Soft Fishing, makers of Uncle Josh Pork, Kalin’s, & Acme; the Menominee River.  The Menominee is a beautiful stretch of river that winds in and out of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Wisconsin.  The turns in the river are great for bass fishing, which is what we’re here to show our resident bass expert, whom have never been here.  Fishing the shorelines, working our Wack-O Worms & Pork under low-hanging trees, and around submerged logs.  

On our second day, we gamble on a new lake to see if we can find some walleyes.  Fishing weeds and rocks, and testing out a new Kalin’s jerk-shad, our gamble works, and the competition heats up to see who can boat the most legal walleyes before the end of the day. 

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