August 2012

Episode 31
Fishing with the Secretaries
Show Date: August 4th & 5th, 2012
Location: Delavan Lake; Walworth County, Wisconsin
Guide: Pro Fisherman Matt Bichanich

For this weeks show we have some very special guests. Stephanie Klett, who is the Wisconsin Secretary of Tourism, and Cathy Stepp, the Wisconsin Secretary of the DNR.  They are in for a treat on Delavan Lake, where the big bass always seem to be biting.  Matt Bichanich is our guide for the day, he’s a pro bass angler, so he knows what techniques will lure these monsters in.

We are fishing really warm water, so these bass go deep, about 18-25 feet of water.  We are drop-shoting, with a bass hook and wacky-worm.  The key is to keep a tight line and always keep contact with the bottom. 


Episode 32
Lake Erie Walleyes
Show Date: August 11th & 12th, 2012
Location: Lake Erie, Port Clinton, Ohio
Guide:  Captain Paul Pacholski [1-800-798-1218 |]

We always have a blast fishing Lake Erie, which is why we always like to invite people along to experience the excellent fishing that this great lake has to offer.  One of our special guest is Hunter Cole of Pure Fishing, the company that makes many of the great products that we enjoy every week, including NanoFil, Gulp, Abu Garcia, Fenwick, and many more. Hunter was with us last fall, where he caught his first walleye in Door County Wisconsin.  This week we’re upping the walleye excitement by bringing him out onto what we call “the walleye capital of the world.”  Also joining us is Andy Wundrock of Wisconsin Pharmacal, makers of Coleman Repellents and Baitmate Fish Attractant.  Andy also brought along his buddy Joel, who is better known as “The Selfish Angler.”

Guiding us on this massive, but shallow body of water are our long-time guides and friends, Captain Paul Pacholski and his first mate Kim Salinas.  They know how to track down the walleyes, and they’ve got us using a pretty basic yet effective rig.  We’re using weight forward spinners with nightcrawlers.  We cast out and slowly reel in, keeping the weight on the bottom.  These walleyes are ready to eat!

Episode 33
Family Show 2012
Show Date: August 18th & 18th, 2012
Show Location: Vilas County, Wisconsin

The Gillespie family fishing trip is a tradition that has been happening yearly for well over a decade.  Fishing with your family is always a good time, even if you don’t catch any slobs, you have memories that last a lifetime.  Although this is a Gillespie vacation, so there are plenty of slobs to go around.  Taking small groups out in shifts, John guides his family and a few of their friends to some massive bass.  Live bait is the key, using a simple gold hook and a nightcrawler.  We mix in a few walleye using the same method, which adds up to a fantastic family outing.

Episode 34
Big Dave
Show Date: August 25th & 26th, 2012
Location: Wisconsin River, Wisconsin Dells
Guide:  Pro Guide Big Dave Ehardt [414-803-7160]

We love Big Dave!  Which is why we’re very excited to see that he’s finally showing signs of recovery from his back injury, that happened over two years ago.  Yes, he’s back on the water, and better than ever!  This week we have fantastic weather for our trip to the Wisconsin Dells to fish the Wisconsin River, mid eighties and sunny.  A perfect weather day is topped off with some great fishing.  Dave’s nephew Curt is also along for the ride, although he doesn’t say much most of the time.

Dave has our day set up to be fished in two parts.  The first half of the day, we’re hitting all the hot-spots for panfish.  We’re catching crappie after crappie, with a few bluegills mixed in for good measure.  Dave is using his favorite 2-jig system, in which one jig is slightly heavier than the other, both jigs are using plastics.  The heavier jig works the bottom, while the other is slightly higher in the water-column.  This method helps track down where exactly the fish are, so we can concentrate our efforts there.  John is using his favorite crappie set up, a bobber with a jig & plastic.  

The second half of the day we head down river to the shallow ‘rapids’ to set up for bass that feed just as the sun sets.  Sure enough, one the orange orb is behind the trees, the smallmouth start chasing minnows to the surface.  Casting in the direction of the chaos, and working your bait on the surface is the best way to land these hungry bass.  We are casting the wacky worm, and a jointed crank-bait.

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