March 2014

Episode 9
Beautiful day on the Fox River
Show Date: March 1st & 2nd, 2014
Location: The Fox River, DePere, Wisconsin
Guide:  Pro Guide Larry Smith [920-361-4996 |]

We finally get a (temporary) reprieve from the hostel winter we've been experiencing. The clouds disappear, and we get to fish in above freezing temperatures and sunshine for the for time since last November. It feels great to be outside, and we're catching fish too!  

Larry Smith is our guide, and he's got us on a great walleye bite fishing through the extremely thick Fox River ice.  Larry suggests, and fishes with, a jig and minnow. We also see fish caught on a Jigging Rap.  Working the bottom, a light tap, then bringing your jig up to see of you can attract any marks on your Humminbird.   


Episode 10
Gigantic Lake Erie Walleyes
Show Date: March 8th & 9th, 2014
Location: Lake Erie, Port Clinton, Ohio
Guide: Charter Captain Mike Patterson [419-308-6925 |]

It isn’t very often that we come back to fish the same location in the same year, let alone just over a month later. With the cold temperatures sticking around longer than normal, Lake Erie has stayed frozen for an unprecedented amount of time.  This means that we’ve got more opportunity to catch these monster fish that swim less that 20’ under us.  

Since our last show aired in late January, we’ve been bugged by our friends to schedule another trip with Captain Mike Patterson. We’re still using a similar presentation using high-profile baits like the Kastmaster, Little Cleo, and Sebile Vibrato.  Mike tells us to tip our hooks with small shiner minnows, which he says mimics a small school of bait when jigging the lure. 


Episode 11
Not Since 1996
Show Date: March 15th & 16th, 2014
Location: Lake Superior, Duluth, Minnesota
Guide: Josh Teigen [715-813-0575  | ]

This week we’re in for a treat on Lake Superior. Fishing just north of Duluth Minnesota, we’re on ice that hasn’t froze solid enough to fish since 1996.  A year when our guide Charter Captain, Josh Teigen, was very young.  

Even though we’re battling 25mph winds, and a -15℉ wind-chill, the fish are biting, and Josh says we should take advantage while we can. We are targeting Lake Trout that haven't seen a lure in a long time, so this unusual opportunity is a great time to ice some gigantic fish! Fishing a half-mile off of shore, were fishing in 120-130 feet of water, using large lure like spoons, Vibrato, or Kastmanster, in the 1oz weight- range. We’re fishing just about 10 feet off the bottom, and using a very aggressive presentation. 


Episode 12
It Feels Like Spring!
Show Date: March 22nd & 23rd, 2014
Location: Lake Michigan; Milwaukee Wisconsin
Guide: Charter Captain Brian Settele [414-559-9238 |]

Although we love ice fishing, this year we've been eagerly awaiting a nice day fishing open water in our LUND. The weeks show is the trip, and we don't need to venture too far away from home, amd the mercury rises above 50°F!  We are fishing the Milwaukee harbor with charter captain Brian Settele, targeting brown trout and lake trout.

We are way behind schedule, as we normally venture out to the harbors in January,  far before the lake trout season opens on March 1st.  Since the ice has kept us from launching the boat, we find ourselves starting out in mid-March, meaning the bite will last quite a bit longer into the calendar-year than normal.

We are mostly using baits that make a commotion on the bottom, like the Kastmaster and Sebile Vibrato. Casting out, letting our lure hit bottom, and giving it about a 1 foot pop off of the bottom while reeling in. Brian tells is to make sure we keep a tight line, because these fish can sneak up on our lure and strike on the drop. 

Episode 13
Newton Lake Jumbo Bass
Show Date: March 29th & 30th, 2014
Location: Newton Lake, Newton, Illinois
Guide: Matt Bichanich – Uncle Josh Pork Baits –
Accommodations: The Outdoor Sportsmans Lodge [618-752-5075 |]

Newton Lake is always an escape for us to open-water bass fish during the ice-fishing season, and If we've ever needed an retreat from winter, it's this year! Newton Lake is a beautiful body of water in the middle of Illinois farm country.  It's 1,700 acres of total bass fishing paradise, complete with all the shorelines you'd ever want to fish.

This year the fish are as picky as we've ever seen, although with the right technique you can land a monster that will most definitely make your day. The best presentation we've seen is pitching a swim-jig or jig & pig (Uncle Josh Pork). Pitching extremely close to shore, amongst the reeds, get us the biggest fish. Matt Bichanich tells us that on sunny days these fish like to have shade over their eyes, and the reeds provide the best cover. 


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