October 2008

Episode 40
Eagle Lake Walleyes
Show Date: October 4th & 5th, 2008
Location: Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada
Guide: Rob Manthei [715-477-2042 | robmanthie.com]; Andy Myers Lodge [1-807-227-2610 | andymyerslodge.com]

We just couldn’t stay away from one of our favorite lakes in Canada, Eagle Lake. We are once again staying at our friend Steve Herbek’s place, Andy Myers Lodge (andymyerslodge.com). We have Rob Manthei in our boat showing us the lake, Rob guest instructs during the summer at the lodge. We also have our friend Ralph Stayer owner of Johnsonville Brats, and Pete Maina of Esox Angler along for the ride. Eagle Lake is a beautiful classic Canadian wilderness lake, and there is plenty of spots on this 63,000 acre lake.

We are fishing walleyes this time, everything from eaters to the slot size. Rob has been coming to Eagle Lake for many years and he knows the lake very well. If we are catching only a smaller year-class, he quickly moves us to another spot to land the monsters that we are all looking for. Another interesting thing that we encounter is that pike and walleyes share the same bars, giving us opportunities to land another species too. .Jumping from spot to spot we are mostly using a slip sinker and a hook with a tail hooked minnow. We slowly drift over the bars using the bow-mount to keep the boat in the right position.

Episode 41
Catching Monsters by the Island
Show Date: October 10th & 11th, 2008
Location: Washington Island; Door County, WI
Guide: Charter Captain Dale Stroschein [920-743-5731 | wackywalleye.com]

Nothing can stop Dale Stroschein from getting out on the water. Even when there are 5 to 6 foot waves rolling across “Deaths’ Door,” the water between the tip of Door County and Washington Island. Dale takes our crew on the Washington Island Ferry to launch from the island, where it is considerably calmer. We are also joined by our friend Bill Morgan, President of Johnsonville Brats.

.Once we finaly get on the water we are targeting bass and northern. We first start out in the protected areas of the island where we are slow rolling out baits because Dale says that this time of year the fish are deeper so we want our spinner baits to come closer to the bottom. We also head out to the wind-blown shoreline to rip our baits across the surface and find some nice trophy bass.

Dale is always on the move to catch a trophy, so we troll for walleyes for a while, but ultimately head back out for big bass – there just so fun to catch. Its always a great day on the water hunting for trophies with Dale.

Episode 42
Fall in the Upper Peninsula
Show Date: October 18th & 19th, 2008
Location: Keweenaw Bay, Michigan
Guide: Pro Guide Eric Haataja [414-546-4627 | wibigfish.com]

We pretty much have our pick of species when we head up north to the upper peninsula of Michigan. We are once again joined by charter captain Eric Haataja, and Cody Roswick from Pure Fishing. This defines fun fishing for the fall, catching whatever bites. We start with bass, and we land some really nice 3 to 5 pound fish. We are using Berkley GULP with a darter head jig, and the bass can’t get enough of it. We also target and catch so really nice walleyes, without changing our methods or bait.

For the second day we head out for some monster crappies, and catch some trophies. We just can’t stay away from the monster bass and walleyes.

Episode 43
Northern Wisconsin Fall Flowages
Show Date: October 25th & 26th, 2008
Location: Willow Flowage, Oneida County, Wisconsin
Guide: Pro Guide Jeff Winters [715-385-9313 | jeffsguideservice.com]

Fall is such a beautiful time of year in northern Wisconsin, and the fishing can be really good. We head north once again to fish with our friend and guide, Jeff Winters. We are up for a multi species two day trip. On day one we arrive later in the afternoon, and head out for a few hours of muskie fishing. On day two we head out for crappies and walleyes on the Willow Flowage, and we hook up with a multitude of different species. Looking for structure and using a small jig with a fathead minnow or a GULP minnow, defiantly keeps the rods bent all day. Jeff certainly knows where to go, and that is very helpful seeing as there are 99 miles of shoreline on the willow flowage alone.


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