September 2016

Episode 36
Fun Multi-Species Day on the River
Show Date: September 3rd & 4th, 2016
Location: Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
Guide: Curt Brager [414-861-5612]

September and October are great months to be on Wisconsin River in the lower Dells, the scenery is beautiful, and the fishing can be really phenomenal.  Big Dave Ehardt is our resident river expert, and his nephew Curt has been fishing with him since he was a boy.  Curt is putting his many years on the water learning from Dave to use as he has started guiding.  

The reason that these 2 months are so good on the river, is because you can pretty much catch whatever you want with whatever lure or bait that you want.  

Episode 37
Escape to Grassy Narrows Lodge
Show Date: September 10th &11th, 2016
Location: Lake of the Woods; Morson, ONT
Accommodations: Grassy Narrows Lodge [ | 1-800-589-2214]

Grassy Narrows Lodge situated on a remote peninsula in Miles Bay on Lake of the Woods in Ontario Canada.  It’s remote location is wonderful thing for getting away from the busyness of life, and just enjoy the people around you, and good fishing too!

This week we’re joined by Christian Laettner, basketball legend; as well as Pete Maina, muskie legend.  Wayne Schoen from Grassy Narrows joins us for some crappie, walleye, and perch fishing;  because Lake of the Woods isn't always about muskie fishing.  Wayne tells us that you can target just about anything you want, and all species can be caught very close to camp, so you don’t need to wait a long time before setting up to fish.  

Of course we need to get out and pound the muskie spots too, and having Pete and Christian in the boat is an excellent 1 - 2 punch of information and guidance.  Pete with a lifetime of muskie fishing and teaching, and Christian with over 20 years on Lake of the Woods specifically.  Christian knows SO MANY spots on this lake, it’s incredible.  

It is a great spot to plan a fishing and relaxation vacation. You won’t regret your time at Grassy Narrows Lodge!

Episode 38
Amazing Salmon Bite in the Harbors
Show Date: September 17th & 18th, 2016
Location: Racine Harbor, Racine, Wisconsin
Guide: Captain Caleb Zorn [Wacky Walleye Guide Service - 920-743-5731 |]

It’s a great time to year to get out and experience some world-class salmon and trout fishing, and for us, it’s right next to home!  

Captain Caleb Zorn has been fishing since he could walk, and working on a boat since he was 9 years old! He grew up working as a first mate, and eventually as a captain in his hometown of Kenosha.  He branched out in 2013 when he joined the Wacky Walleye Elite Guide Team as an ice fishing guide.  Now with his own boat, he open water fishes everywhere from Kenosha to Washington Island in Door County.  Caleb targets and guides for every species, but this week we’re looking for salmon.

Caleb brought a few friends along too, the more lines the better.  With his relentless “go get ‘em” attitude, we find ourselves covering a lot of water before settling down in 2 different harbors - Racine and Milwaukee.

The bite is pretty simple, once we narrow in what is working.  What we end up doing is using spawn (eggs from the fish) as bait.  Using a bobber, we’re dangling the eggs in front of fish, and they are hitting them out of aggression.


Episode 39
Dodging Storms on Lake Geneva
Show Date: September 24th & 25th, 2016
Location: Geneva Lake; Lake Geneva, WI
Guide: Matt Bichanich – [Hard & Soft Fishing –]

Lake Geneva's namesake lake is a busy place, and it may be difficult, or possibly impossible to fish in the summer months.  That’s why we love to come here in the fall, because excellent fishing can still be had, and many of the pleasure boaters have already had their fun during the really hot months.  

This week our resident “Bass Man” Matt Bichanich is showing us a unique way to lure bass out of the heavy weed cover that they hiding in this time of year.  It’s a very specialized jigging technique that has him just ticking the top of the weeds, without getting caught up in them.  He shows us that once you get it, you catch, and it’s a blast.

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