August 2010

Episode 32
Big Green Lake
Show Date: August 7th & 8th, 2010
Location: Big Green Lake,Wisconsin
Guide: Pro Guide Larry Smith [920-361-4996 |]

Today Larry Smith has us on the deepest inland lake in Wisconsin, Big Green Lake.  This 7.346 acre lake, with a maximum depth of 237 feet, is also home to two state record catches for both trout and cisco.  Big Green is known for multi-species, which is why we are here this time of year.  We start out looking for pike, working weed-lines using live bait.  The pike bite hard all day, so we stick with it for most of the day.


Episode 33
Chequamegon Bay Smallies
Show Date: August 14th& 15th, 2010
Location: Ashland Wisconsin
Guide: Charter Captain Jim Hudson [715-779-5833 |]

Pro guide Jim Hudson welcomes us once again to Ashland Wisconsin to target the monster small mouth bass that swim these waters year-round.  We also have a special guest with us in the form of Bob Reeg.  Bob’s sons donated to the annual “Operation Muskie” event, for a day of fishing with John Gillespie. We’d like to Thank them for their donation.  Also in the boat with us is muskie guru Pete Maina.

A slightly windy and warm day greets us on the Bay, and Jim tells us that these conditions are great for the monster bass that can reach upwards of 6 pounds.  On Chequamegon Bay, the smallies hug tight to the bottom when the winds picks up, which is the the opposite of what we are used to on Green Bay.  Jim says that the bait choices are almost endless, from casting spinners and crank baits in the weeds, to bouncing the bottom with a jig & GULP or Zip Lure in the rocks.  It is no secret that these fish are hungry, based on the pummeling that our baits are receiving from these giants.

Episode 34
Operation Muskie 3
Show Date: August 21st & 22nd, 2010
Location: Lake of the Woods, Oak Island, MN; Walsh’s Bay Store Camp [1-800-214-2533 |]

It’t the third annual Operation Muskie, a week of fishing to honor the members of our armed forces.  Hosted at Walsh’s Bay Store Camp, this event brings together 20 veterans and ten guides for many exciting hours on and off the water.

Located on Lake of the Woods, Bay Store Camp is our home base, and the launch pad for our hunt for the fish of 10,000 casts.  In each boat two of America's Finest will be paired with a guide to take on this massive million acre lake, on the hunt for the sometimes elusive 50 inch esox.  In our boat we try a variety of baits to deep diving tubes over rocks to surface baits in shallow weeds.  

In addition to the fishing, the weeks schedule allows for the group to get together and discuss the days events.  Operation Muskie is about the camaraderie among the group as much as it is about the fishing.

Thank You to all the Men and Women of our armed forces.

For more information on Operation Muskie visit:
For more information on Walsh’s Bay Store Camp visit:

Special Thanks:
Frank & Laura Walsh: owner of Walsh’s Bay Store Camp and host of Operation Muskie.

Operation Muskie Founder: Dick Pearson

Doug Johnson
Norm Wild
Chad Cain
Jim Murphy
Paul Klein
Jim Best
Pete Maina
John Gillespie
Chuck Leach
Tom Hanaman
Mike Winther

Brett Miller
Betsy Pearson
Pam Best
Diana Klein
Jake Larson
Chris Green

Special Thanks to all of our sponsors, without you an amazing event like this wouldn’t be possible.  Thank You very much!


Episode 35
Family Show 2010
Show Date: August 28th & 29th, 2010
Location: Boulder Junction, Wisconsin
Guide: John Gillespie

Fishing is a great sport, and it’s one that is enriched by sharing it with your family.  It’s exciting to share the thrill of landing the big one with the next generation, as John does with his grandson Henry.  It’s also just as great to spend the time with family members you don’t get to see all that often.  Either way, fishing is a wonderful bonding experience that spans generational gaps, and is just down right fun.

This year the weather is truly perfect, upper 70’s and just a slight breeze.  This year the bass are biting, so it’s bass that we’re boating.  Once again the whole family gets in on the fun while gunning for the big catch.

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