October 2010

Episode 40
Lake St. Clair
Show Date: October 2nd & 3rd, 2010
Location: Lake St. Clair; Chesterfield, Michigan
Guides: Brian Schram [BrianSchram.com] Pete Maina [PeteMaina.com | TheNextBite.com]

We are back to the world class fishery that us Lake St. Clair, and indigenous fishery that is mostly known for trolling because of it’s size.  It's a cool cloudy day, which as a muskie angler, is ideal weather day.

We have a fantastic crew with us that spans two boats. Our resident
rocker muskie angler Brian Schram pilots his boat with his buddy Mike,
who boats a fish within the first few casts he takes to start the day.
Brian guides St. Clair when he isn't rocking with his band, Shram. You
can contact Brian at his website: www.BrianSchram.com.  In our boat we are led by the muskie aficionado Pete Maina along with the Kenosha muskie slayer, Mike Pitts.

We are here to cast, working the vast expanse of weeds that are prevalent in the lake.  As with any day on the water, we cast all day.  After half of that day we find that the silver bladed buck tail is the key to boating the elusive esox.


Episode 41
Two Guides
Show Date: October 9th & 10th, 2010
Location: Vilas County, Wisconsin
Guides: Charter Captain Jim Hudson [715-779-5833 | fishchequamegonbay.com];
Rob Manthei, [715-477-2042 | robmanthei.com]

Two guides are better than one on this weeks trip to the Wisconsin northwoods.  Rob Manthei takes us around his neck of the woods, looking for walleye and pike, as Jim Hudson is providing additional support to our crew.  It’s a crisp and windy day, as another trip north brings on another cold front.  Rob proves that any determined angler, can connect with quality fish, in any weather pattern.  Proof, that comes in the form of flurries of walleye and northern pike in the same spots.  Early fall is the time too look for green weeds, the high oxygen content of the waters surrounding these weeds is where the fish want to be.  Aside from catching a boat-load of fish, we are having fun trying all sorts of baits, from Gulp to live bait to spinner baits.


Episode 42
Take a Photographer Fishing
Show Date: October 16th & 17th, 2010
Location: Menominee River; Iron Mountain, MI
Guide: John Gillespie

It’s a rare opportunity for Ryan the photographer to toss a bait in the water during business hours, except this week, this week it’s encouraged!  John treats Ryan to a fishing trip on the Menominee River to try their luck at some grab-bag fishing.  Ryan grew up fishing Lake Winnebago, so John will be a valuable guide on this northern river experience.

Experimenting with a multitude of baits is half the fun on a fall trip, because you don’t know what you’ll catch, and you don’t know what they are biting on.  This roulette-style bite lands our anglers some nice fish, in both the bass and pike category.

Episode 43
Fall in Door County
Show Date:  October 23rd & 24th, 2010
Location: Sturgeon Bay, WI
Guide:  Pro Guide Dale Stroschein [920-743-5731 | wackywalleye.com]

Fall is a wonderful time to fish, especially if you are graced with good weather.  This two-day episode spans us from perfect weather to extremely windy, all while keeping the fishing great.  Dale Stroschein is our guide, and tells us the great thing about fall is that you never know what you can catch, because all the fish are “putting on their feed-bag” to prepare for winter.  Day one, we are jigging GULP, catching beautiful walleyes and some monster trophy bass.  Day two we are focused on bass, working points casting spinner baits, and wacky-worms.


Episode 44
Larry’s Wolf River Bite
Show Date: October 30th & 31st, 2010
Guide:  Pro Guide Larry Smith [920-361-4996 | walleyeguide.com]

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