June 2018

Episode 22
Fishing the Beautiful Turtle Flambeau Flowage
Show Date: June 2nd & 3rd, 2018
Location; Turtle Flambeau Flowage; Mercer, Wisconsin
Guide: Pro Guide Jeff Winters [715-385-9313 | jeffsguideservice.com]

This week we are in Iron County on one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the state of Wisconsin, The Turtle Flambeau Flowage.  This flowage was created in 1926 when a dam was constructed on the Flambeau River.  It’s a popular summer destination for anglers, campers, and hunters; all of whom enjoy almost a completely undeveloped shoreline.  

Our guide Jeff Winters, and his son-in-law Ed are both guides, and know this water very well.  Jeff has been fishing this area his whole life, and knows a LOT of spots - we don’t stay in one spot very long.  We are fishing a few days after a severe cold front, so the fish are not as cooperative as we would expect.  Jeff, however, is the guy you want on a day like this.  He will move a lot, and will find fish.  When you do find the fish, anglers that want to take home a fish fry won’t be disappointed because there is no size limit on walleyes.  

A minnow and a weedless jig are the best combination on our outing, outperforming plastics for most of the day.

Episode 23
Chequamegon Bay
Show Date: June 9th & 10th, 2018
Location: Chequamegon Bay, Ashland, Wisconsin
Guide: Charter Captain Josh Teigen [715.813.0575  | joshteigen.com ]

Early June is a great time to head north, and get out on to Chequamegon Bay to target bass, walleye, and northern pike. Our Charter Captain Josh Teigen is not only guiding us, but Pete Maina as well.  Pete is joining us, along with some friends from Amsoil to experience this great multi-species bite.  

Josh has us in a the channel because of the late spring, that is where the warmer water is.  Warmer water means baitfish, and where there is baitfish, there are predator fish.

This is a fun bite, we use Jerk Minnows and Grubs, as well as jerkbaits; and we never know what we are going to have on our line!

Episode 24
Annual Buddy Fishing Trip
Show Date: June 16ht & 17th, 2018
Location: Vilas County, Wisconsin

It’s time again to head to northern Wisconsin with a great group of friends, catch some fish and have a little friendly competition.  Every year is a little bit different, whether the fish are just jumping in the boat; or we’re hit by a cold-front, and it’s more of a challenge.

This year we’ve got intense wind on the first day, and high blue skies and dead calm the next.  Neither of these days would be categorized as good “fishing weather,” but we find fish on the windiest part of the lake on the first day using plastics and crankbaits.  The Kalkn’s Jerk Minnow and Wack-O Worm are the go-to for John, and the other guys in the boat cast Livingston Lures to cove the most water.  On day two we get into a hot streak on the sunny shoreline, casting right up to a few half submerged fallen trees.

It was a great trip again this year, looking forward to next year!

Episode 25
Fishing The Keweenaw Peninsula
Show Date: June 23rd & 24th, 2018
Location: Houghton Hancock area, Upper Peninsula of Michigan

We love fishing the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, it’s scenic, serene, and has some great fishing on a bunch of lakes.  We’re out looking for walleyes and smallmouth bass on mid-lake humps, and using the Humminbird to see if there are weeds present.  With the longer days, the weeds start to grow, and the fresh vegetation attracts the baitfish.

Joining us for our adventure are Kevin and Jeff from Oconomowoc Wisconsin. Kevin bid on and won a trip that we donated to benefit St. Jerome’s Parish in Oconomowoc.  

Plastics are our go-to lure, using a variety of jig heads and hooks, we get to try a bunch of different presentations; from popping the Kalin’s Jerk Minnow, to straight retrieving the Grub.

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