October 2018


 Episode 40
Fall on West Battle Lake
Show Date: October 6th &7th, 2018
Location: West Battle Lake; Battle Lake, MN
Guide: Dave Williamson [320-491-2898]

Fall muskies fishing is in full swing, and will continue through October.  With the potential to catch a fish of a lifetime, this is and exciting time for muskie anglers.  This week we are on West Battle Lake for what we’re calling our Second Annual Recon Boats Outing.  Last year “Recon” John Johnson, the craftsman behind Recon Boats, caught an absolute slob muskie. He’s hoping for a repeat this year.  Our group is spread out across two Recon 2185’s, Pete Maina’s and Dustin Carlson. Guiding our group is Dave Williamson, whos been guiding West Central MN for over 10 years.  Dan Peterson from Amsoil has also joined our group in hopes of catching a personal best. Using suckers, and well as casting a myriad of different lures, we have a chance to catch fish on just about anything.    

Episode 41
Photographers Fishing Outing & Quick Stop in Sturgeon Bay
Show Date: October 13th & 14th, 2018
Locations: Vilas, Co, Wisconsin & Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
Guides: John Gillespie & Pro Guide Dale Stroschein [ 920-743-5731 | wackywalleye.com]

It’s the annual “Photographers Outing” on the show, and John & Blake have taken Ryan the Photographer to Vilas county to see the fall colors, and of course catch fish.  The weather has other plans though, and blows a cold-front through the night before our second day.  The cold-front shuts the bite off, but not before we were able to catch walleye, bass, and pike during our first half day.

Stopping off at Sand Bay Beach Resort on our way home, Dale Stroschein takes us out on the bay to find some beautiful eating sized walleyes.  These fun to catch fish on the lower bay make great pan-fare, and Dale’s co-guide Caleb is taking a few home for a fish-fry.

Episode 42
Windy Fall Fishing in Hayward
Show Date: October 20th & 21st, 2018
Location: Hayward, Wisconsin
Guide: Tom Boley [715-410-8696 | tomboley.com ]

A cold-front has rolled through northern Wisconsin, but Pro Guide Tom Boley has a deep-water jigging technique that works great as the temps drop in the fall.  Using heavy jigs, Kastmasters, or Acme Hyper Rattle to get down to the bottom is key.  Snap jigging, keeping constant bottom contact will trigger these fish. The great part about fall is that walleyes and bass will be mixed together on the same spots, so you never know what you’ll catch.

Episode 43
Bass in the Rain
Show Date: October 27th & 28th, 2018
Location: Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
Guide: Pro Guide Dale Stroschein [ 920-743-5731 | wackywalleye.com]

Fall is moving in, temps are dropping; and despite a cold front moving through, we can still target bass in Sturgeon Bay. October is a great month to get out and catch a trophy, but you'll have to battle potential bad weather.  
The key to catching these fish in these water temps is a very slow presentation, Dale Stroschein compares it to watching paint dry. Despite it being a “slow” way to fish, it gets results!


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