September 2018

Episode 36
After the Storm on Lake Michigan
Show Date: September 8th & 9th, 2018
Location: Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Guide: Captain Caleb Zorn [Wacky Walleye Guide Service - 920-743-5731 |]

We are out with Captain Caleb Zorn to target salmon as they are making their annual run towards shore to spawn.  As the water cools off, the fish come in, and we are here at the very start of this bite.  Joined by Gunther and Blake, we start off in Racine, but the bite is slow and then we get blown off the water from a small intense storm.  

After the storm we move to Milwaukee, and we can’t believe how the fish have turned on.  We decide to try jigging Kastmasters, and these fish cannot resist!  The fight that these fish put up, and the combination of us using the same rods as we do for walleye, is an exhilarating experience.

Episode 37
On the Bay for Walleyes
Show Date September 15th & 16th, 2018
Location: Bay of Green Bay, Wisconsin
Guide: Brett Jolly [715-581-5678 |]

This week we’re taking our buddy, and Baitmate Pro Bass Angler, Ron Johnson on a walleye trip to the west side of the Bay of Green Bay.  Ron lives in Arizona now, but he’s originally from Wisconsin, and he’ll take any chance he can get out to walleye fish. Our guide Brett Jolly splits his time between the Bay and the Wausau area, and he know both areas very well.  On the day we fish with him, we’ve only got the afternoon, due to a guide trip he had that morning.

We are fishing deep water, using lures like the Acme Hyperattle, or the Shiver Minnow.  Using a snap-jigging technique to trigger a bite, we catch a bunch of ‘eater’ sized fish, which Brett says are great table fare.  


To finish up the show, we head out for an afternoon on Big Green Lake with Matty B to hunt for bass.  

Episode 38
Leech Lake Muskies
Show Date: September 22nd & 23rd, 2018
Location: Leech Lake, Longville, MN
Guide: Pete Maina []; Rusty Lilyquist []

It's starting to feel like fall in Minnesota, and we're excited to start off the fall muskie season on Leech Lake with Rusty and Pete. Leech Lake is a massive body of water, covering over 100,000 acres. Luckily we have some very experienced guys with us, so we'll have lots of spots to choose from.

We couldn't have asked for more action, as we saw a lot of follows on our lures, but it was Pete on the sucker rod that caught the biggest of our trip. 

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