April 2018

Episode 14
Last Ice Fishing Trip of the Year in Ontario
Show Date: April 7th & 8th, 2018
Location: Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada
Guide: Danny Herbeck [807-216-8866]

We are excited to be back in Sunset Country for our last ice fishing trip of the year. We’re back in Ontario fishing with Danny Herbeck of Andy Myers Lodge.  We also have a great group of people to fish with us, and help out with everything that goes into filming a show in the Canadian wilderness.
We have the opportunity to fish a bunch of different areas for different species, so we can target walleye and crappie for our fish fry as well as northern and bass just for fun.
What a great way to end the ice season!

Episode 15
Spring on the Wolf River
Show Date: April 14th &15th, 2018
Location: Wolf River; Fremont, WI - Fishing out of Chico’s Landing
Guide: Captain Matt Merten [920-410-2206]

Springtime is the time to be on the rivers for walleyes.  They are moving to where they will ultimately spawn, and there are a lot of them in a small area.  These are Winnebago system fish, which are well known to be some of the best walleyes to eat anywhere.  Using a jig and live bait are the key on our trip, but Matt says it depends on the day as to what will work best.  Keeping contact with the bottom while you jig is the most crucial part of getting these fish to bite.

Episode 16
Spring is Late This Year
Show Date: April 21st & 22nd, 2018
Location: Mississippi River; De Soto, WI & Menominee River, WI

Continuing our spring river fishing, we started the week off on the Mississippi River. With the cold water temperatures, It was tough day on the water. Vertical jigging for walleyes, we were able to catch some nice fish using a jig with a minnow or plastic. It was a pleasure fishing with Ron.

Later in the week we headed to Menominee River to finish off the show with some more walleyes. It was fast and fun fishing catching some walleyes in only a few hours. The New Kalin's Google Eye Jig was the key to keeping contact with the bottom but also attracting the fishing with it's glass rattle.

Episode 17
Spring Walleyes on the Bay
Show Date: April 28th & 29th, 2018
Location: Bay of Green Bay; Oconto, WI
Guide: Brett Jolly [715-581-5678 | captainjollycharters.com]

The cold spring continues, with much colder temps than are expected this time of year.  However, relative to the temps we’ve been having, it’s almost warm outside.  We are fishing walleyes out of the Oconto river mouth on the Bay of Green Bay.  This is an excirting time of year to be on the bay because you have the opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime!  Our guide Captain Brett Jolly tells us that 10 pound fish are pretty common, and that you can also take home a limit of eating size fish as well.  

Lipless lures like the Livingston Pro Ripper work excellent all day, and as the sun went down the plastics like the Kalin’s Jerk Minnow started to bring in fish too.

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