January 2018

Episode 1
Kids Ice Fishing Outing
Show Date: January 6th & 7th, 2018
Location: Big Muskego Lake, Waukesha County, Wisconsin
Guide: Matt Bichanich

This week we find ourselves in the middle of a relentless cold-front.  This means two things, first that the ice is getting thicker (and safer) by the day, also that just getting outside to fish can be uncomfortable.  The day that we were out was a 10-day high of 15 degrees, and with the sun shining it felt much warmer than it was.  We put up a bunch of shelters with heat too, because we had a great group of kids come out to experience a day of ice fishing.  Keeping warm wasn’t an issue for the kids, as they were running to the Beaver Dams that we had spread over a large portion of ice.  

We set up in weeds for northern pike and bass, but to our surprise, we only caught 1 small pike.  We also put some holes in a different area to jig for pan fish.

Thanks to all the kids that came out to fish with us, we had a blast!

Episode 2
Lake Erie Ice Fishing
Show Date: January 13th & 14th, 2018
Location: Lake Erie, Port Clinton, Ohio
Guide: Charter Captain Mike Patterson [419-308-6925 | mikessportfishing.com]

It’s been nearly 3 years since we were able to get out on Lake Erie to ice fish.  Thanks to the extremely cold weather we’ve have the past month, there is ice on parts of the lake that rarely freeze.  That being said, always be sure you know what you’re doing when heading out onto the ice.  We would not go out without a guide, and for Lake Erie, we wouldn’t go out without Captain Mike Patterson.

Once we weave our way to our spot, we find good thick ice - around 10 to 12 inches.  We are using a variety of jigging lures from Acme - Kastmaster, Rattlemaster, & trying out the Rattle-Master for the first time.  We are of course looking for the slob walleyes that this lake is known for, but are told that we are at the very start of the season, and the fish will only get bigger as the season moves on.  Mike likes to tip the lures with a bunch of minnows to mimmic schooling baitfish.  Noise is a huge part of this too, the rattles in some of the lures, as well as pounding the bottom to get the walleye to notice. 

Episode 3
Wisconsin Badger Family Ice Fishing Trip
Show Date: January 20th & 21st, 2018
Location: Ashland, Wisconsin
Guide: Josh Teigen [715-813-0575  | joshteigen.com ]

This week we’re very excited to welcome the Benzschawel family.  They are a University of Wisconsin Madison football family, the Dad Scott, played in the mid-eighties; and 2 of his sons play for them now, Beau and Luke.  The youngest son also plays football for Grafton high school.  

Football aside, we are here to fish, and our guide Charter Captain Josh Teigen is now ice fishing out on Lake Superior.  We targeting trout - browns and lakers, we can also catch splake and whitefish too.  On day 2 we head inland to target crappies.

Episode 4
Wind & Rain on Winnebago
Show Date: January 27th & 28th, 2018
Location: Lake Winnebago; Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Guide: Captain Matt Merten [920-410-2206]

This week we’re fishing in conditions that we have never been in, 50 MPH winds!

We are out with our buddy Matt Merten, and his reliable gang of excellent fisherman.  This group knows how to find fish, they are always set up to be mobile.  Once they got on fish, they set up a trailer for us to get out of the rain, which they usually don’t do, but it was an unusual day.  

Despite getting around an inch of rain, and experiencing 50 MPH winds, the fishing was very good.  We vertical jig, and having a Humminbird is crucial to getting these fish to bite.

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